The best movie parodies, from Mel Brooks to Mike Myers

One of the best ways to understand how much a film can break into the hearts of fans is to discover that some brilliant director has made a parody of it.

When it comes to parodies, the first name that comes to mind is that of Mel Brooks who, especially at the turn of the 70s and 80s, was able to give comedy some of the best cinematic parodies. But Brooks also has the merit of having given substance to a film trend that has been able to have fun with historical films or even ridicule entire film categories.

The parody must know how to carefully analyze the essential points of the original work, first of all understanding the characteristics that have contributed to making the film one intends to parody so appreciated. After this step, you need to be able to find a comic key with which to make even the most uncompromising of fans smile.

Our list of the best movie parodies

Following these guidelines, here is a list with the best cinematic parodies ever seen.

Frankenstein Jr

It was unthinkable to start a list with the best cinematographic parodies without starting from the masterpiece of Mel Brooks. Having become a real cult of comedy, the 1974 film was born from an idea of Gene Wilder (who plays Frederick Frankenstein), taking as a model the figure of the monster of Frankenstein seen in the films of Monster Universe of the Universal in the 1930s.

The pungent and light-hearted comedy of Brooks he was able to create situations that have become instant classics of comedy. Moments like the neighing of horses when naming Fraü Blucher or the misunderstanding based on wolves and castles are now the history of cinema, thanks to the fantastic interpretation of Marty Feldman how Igor.

Hot Shots!

Two films that desecrated the war films of the 80s with a comedy that did not skimp on anyone. From Rambo to Top Gunpassing through Apocalypse Nowmovies starring Harley Topper (Charlie Sheen) they see the mad pilot first take part in a delicate operation that rewrites the adventures of Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchellonly to show Topper struggling with a mission that ridicules the films starring John Rambo.

Memorable the presence of Lloyd Bridgesreturning from his successes as commander in the Police School, plays Admiral Thomas ‘Thug’ Benson, protagonist in the second chapter of a fun with lightsabers against… Saddam Hussein!

Space Bales

Could the cult film par excellence not have one of the best cinematic parodies ever? Of course not, and Mel Brooks doesn’t miss the chance to create the comic version from Star Wars. When the treacherous president Latch (Mel Brooks), helped by his faithful Black Helmet (Rick Moranis) decides to steal the planet’s oxygen Druidiathe situation gets out of hand due to the intervention of the space wanderer Lone Star (Bill Pulman) and his canuomo friend Ruttolomeo (John Candy). Leading the actions of Lonely Star will be the Yogurt master, the one who will train him in the ways of Effort.

Beyond Star Wars other famous science fiction films are also parodied, from Alien to The Planet of the Apes.

The craziest plane in the world

In the 1970s, the disaster movie genre was great, but nothing seemed to hold its own Airport. And of course, such a success could not remain safe from the ferocious irony of the Zucker-Abrahams-Zucker trio, who in 1980 gave us one of the best cinematic parodies ever.

The pilot Ted Stryker (Robert Hays), after a bad experience in war, he is no longer able to fly, but when he finds himself on a plane whose pilots are unable to stay on course, he will have to take the joystick and save everyone. Obviously, with a series of ideas between the ingenious and the paradoxical. Also in the cast Lloyd Bridges And Leslie Nielsentwo faces that often appear in the best cinematic parodies.

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Austin Powers

Mike Myers he had already impressed with his out of the ordinary comedy with Wayne’s World, but chose to go straight in with one of the best cinematic parodies, mocking the spy genre. And the target could only be James Bond. Austin Powers must clash with Doctor Evil, a perfect comic reinterpretation of the evil Ernst Stavro Blomfeld.

best movie parodies austin power

Three chapters in which the most unlikely of spies relives some of the most typical moments of the 1960s spy adventures, with some obvious inspirations taken from James Bond’s long career.

Balls in the barrel

A film to be seen absolutely, not only for the excellent work in the phase of irony and comedy, but above all for a cast that can rarely be seen at work in a parody. Samuel L. Jackson, Emilio Estevez (Charlie Sheen’s brother of Hot Shots!), William Shatner, F. Murray Abrams And Tim Curry. From Lethal Weapon to The silence of the lambsthere is no escape for any of the most beloved action films of that period.

Galaxy Quest

Not just the fandom of Star Wars has its parody, too Star Trek enjoyed a funny tease of his own: Galaxy Quest. Particularly funny and pungent, the film starring Sigourney Weaver, Tim Allen and the lamentation Alan Rickman, Galaxy Quest has the merit not only of parodying the universe created by Gene Roddenberry but also the trekkies, making fun of convention and fanaticism.

best movie parodies galaxy quest

Here is our personal selection of the best parodies seen in the cinema. Surely someone will be turning up their noses noting the absence of titles like the series of Scary Movieor other famous films signed by Mel Brooks (such as Robin Hood- A man in tights or Dracula- Dead and happy), but in our selection we have tried to include those ideas that have given particular prominence to the original idea!

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The best movie parodies, from Mel Brooks to Mike Myers