The bibliography with the works of Leonardo Sciascia among books, novels and more

Among the curiosities about the great Sicilian writers here is the bibliography with all works by Leonardo Sciascia among books, novels, essays, collections of short stories and other various publications.

The writer originally from Ralcalmuto (in the province of Agrigento) in his life he has published more than 50 works with various publishers, from the beginnings with the small publisher of Caltanissetta his namesake Salvatore Sciascia to the passage to the great publishers of Einaudi, Sellerio and Adelphi.

There bibliography of Leonardo Sciascia one opens with a double collection of poems dedicated to the dictatorship and its Sicily. After a few years the first ones begin essay publications dedicated to Luigi Pirandello and the writing of the first great work: the essay de The parishes of Regalpetra in 1956.

In 1958 the double collection of short stories arrives The Uncles of Sicily; in 1961 the first novel was published The day of the Owlone of the most important and emblematic works that contain the thought of Sciascia.

There bibliography of Leonardo Sciascia from the 60’s onwards it is enriched with most important works like the novels The council of Egypt, To each his own, Todo Modo, Candido, or A dream made in Sicily and essays dedicated to the disappearance of Majorana and the kidnapping of Moro.

Between most important works by Sciascia we also point out the essay The order of similarities dedicated to the mystery around the portrait of an unknown sailor by Antonello da Messina and the last novel A simple storywritten before his death in 1989, which dealt with the theft of Caravaggio’s Nativity.

There bibliography of the writer from Agrigento is also rich in others types of works such as plays, film scripts, edited editions, publications in some series and interviews / conversations with some journalists (consult all the books available for purchase by Sciascia).

Lot of books and novels published in the first version with Einaudi in the years after his death were republished with the publisher Adelphi.

The list of works by Sciascia it could be much broader if we included all the various texts and journalistic articles written such as those on the subject of the mafia and anti-mafia that have caused so much discussion.

The complete bibliography with all the works of the writer Leonardo Sciascia including books, novels, essays and other publications

The collections of Sciascia’s poems:

Tales of the dictatorship (Bardi – 1950)

Sicily, his heart (Bardi – 1952)

Leonardo Sciascia’s essays:

Pirandello and pirandellismo. With unpublished letters from Pirandello to Tilgher (Salvatore Sciascia Editions – 1953)

The parishes of Regalpetra (Laterza – 1956)

Pirandello and Sicily (Salvatore Sciascia Editions – 1961)

Death of the Inquisitor (Laterza – 1964)

The order of similarities (Rizzoli art classics – 1967)

The crazy rope. Writers and things of Sicily (Einaudi – 1970)

Luciano and the faiths, in Luciano di Samosata – The Dialogues. Dialogues of the gods, marine dialogues, dialogues of the dead, dialogues of the courtesans, version by Luigi Settembrini (Series I Millenni Einaudi – 1974.)

The disappearance of Majorana (Einaudi – 1975)

The stabs (Einaudi – 1976)

L’affaire Moro (Sellerio – 1978)

On the part of the infidels (Sellerio – 1979)

Black on black (Einaudi – 1979)

The theater of memory (Einaudi – 1981)

Crossword (Einaudi – 1983)

Goat’s eye (Einaudi – 1984)

For a portrait of the writer as a young man (Sellerio – 1985)

Hours of Spain (Pungitopo – 1988)

Pirandello alphabet (Adelphi – 1989)

Different facts of literary and civil history (Sellerio – 1989)

For future reference, if memory has a future (Bompiani – 1989)

Leonardo Sciascia writer editor or The happiness of making books, edited by Salvatore Silvano Nigro (Series La memoria n.567 Sellerio – 2003)

The history of the mafia (Barion – 2013; written by Sciascia initially as a newspaper article)

End of the carabiniere on horseback, by Paolo Squillacioti (Adelphi 2016)

Maigret’s method and other writings on yellow, by Paolo Squillacioti (Adelphi – 2018)

“This is not a story.” Writings for cinema and on cinema, edited by Paolo Squillacioti (Small Library Series n.759 Adelphi – 2021)

Short history of the detective novel, edited by Eleonora Carta (Colla Parva n.27 – – ​​2022)

The collections of short stories by Leonardo Sciascia:

The uncles of Sicily (Einaudi – 1958)

Antimony, in Gli uncles of Sicily 2nd edition (Einaudi – 1960)

Records relating to the death of Raymond Roussel (Esse – 1971)

The sea color of wine (initially published in 1966 with the title of Sicilian Tales – Einaudi 1973)

The memorable sentence (Sellerio – 1982)

Chronicles (Sellerio – 1985)

The novels of Leonardo Sciascia:

The day of the owl (Einaudi – 1961)

The council of Egypt (Einaudi – 1963)

To each his own (Einaudi – 1966)

The context. A parody (Einaudi – 1971)

Todo modo (Einaudi – 1974)

Candido, or a dream made in Sicily (Einaudi – 1977)

The witch and the captain (Bompiani – 1986)

1912 + 1 (Adelphi – 1986)

Open doors (Adelphi – 1987)

The knight and death (Adelphi – 1988)

A simple story (Adelphi – 1989)

Other publications including interviews / conversations, edited editions and other collections of photos and various drawings by Sciascia

Editions Curated:

The flower of Roman poetry (Belli, Pascarella, Trilussa, Dell’Arco), Foreword by Pier Paolo Pasolini (Salvatore Sciascia Editions – 1952)

Of the things of Sicily. Unpublished or rare texts (Sellerio – 1980)

Various publications:

Santo Marino. With 1 original etching and 10 reproductions (Salvatore Sciascia Editions – 1963)

Religious festivals in Sicily, with photographs by Ferdinando Scianna (Leonardo da Vinci – 1965)

Screams without sound. Graffiti and drawings of the prisoners of the Inquisition, with the commentary by Leonardo Sciascia (Sellerio – 1999)

Film scripts:

La mania addosso (directed by Marcello Andrei – 1963)

Bronte: chronicle of a massacre that the history books have not told (directed by Florestano Vancini – 1972)

The singular adventure of Francesco Maria (television episode directed by Enzo Muzii – 1983)

Theatrical texts:

The Honorable – Drama in three acts (Einaudi – 1965)

Recitation of the Liparitan controversy dedicated to Alexander Dubcek (Einaudi – 1969)


Sicily as a metaphor – Interview by Marcelle Padovani (Arnoldo Mondadori Editore – 1979)

Conversation in a closed room, with Davide Lajolo (Sperling & Kupfer – 1981)

Fire to the soul – Conversation with Domenico Porzio (Arnoldo Mondadori Editore – March 1992)

The bibliography with the works of Leonardo Sciascia among books, novels and more – Sicilia Preziosa