The Boys parodies Batman movie posters (without Tek Knight, so it’s less funny) |

If you have read The Boys, remember (and if you haven’t read, go directly to the paragraph under the intertitle, this space is currently requisitioned on an evocation of cock jokes). Very early in the comics of Garth Ennisthe character of Tek Knightbased largely on the Batman of DC Comics with the technology ofIron Man, makes his appearance on the couch of a shrink’. The vigilante has a major problem: for some time, he has been unable to prevent himself from getting laid with the slightest element of his environment. A colleague, a slice of beef, his niece’s chinchilla, animate or inanimate things mobilize uncontrollable surges of libido in this masked hero, devoid of superpowers, and first suspect in a murder case being investigated Butcher and his band.

At the end of the plot, it will be revealed that Knight was only guilty of an ugly threesome with the local equivalents of catwoman and Robin, relatively traumatic. The hero will however be entitled to his moment of glory in a scene that has become cult: when a meteorite threatens to destroy the Earth and all hope seems lost, Knight devotes himself to going and planting his vengeful zigouigoui in the vagina of this piece of rock from space (‘don’t look, in the series it’s not explained either). He will succeed in destroying it by reaching orgasm in this astral body, and thus saving the Earth, as at the end ofArmageddon if Bruce Willis decided to try something a little new. A few pages later, Ennis will explain, however, that this immense delirium of sex with the meteor did not in fact take place. Tek Knight was only suffering from a brain tumor, hence his problem of unbridled sexuality and this final hallucination, shortly before his death. We can say that the guy left with a good impression.

All this to tell you that: parodying Batman in the universe of The Boys is possible, but you still have to give yourself the means

And as usual, the adaptations are relatively disappointing from this point of view. The production of the series The Boys of Prime Video actually decided to hail the movie’s release The Batman of Matt Reeves by taking over the posters, or even rather the fonts, of the various films devoted to the bat. Which doesn’t have the panache of a space fuck scene with a big rock, but hey. We have to occupy the field well while waiting for the next season.

In this series of relatively well-made fake posters, the teams from the series ofEric Kripke thus take up the different styles of writing and the colorimetry of the generations Tim Burton, Joel Schumacher, Christopher Nolan and Matt Reeves feature films devoted to Batman, with a nod to the animated series in passing. In the absence of having already adapted Tek Knight to take up this absurd personification of the hero in the visuals (we will say that Black Black doesn’t really count, for obvious reasons), the production is doing what it’s been doing since the very beginning: generating viral content on the cheap to keep the show alive in the minds of the public, strafe the networks tons of fake images, fake advertisements, fake TV news, etc.

The return of The Boys is expected on June 3, 2022 with the start of the third season.

The Boys parodies Batman movie posters (without Tek Knight, so it’s less funny) |