“The Cyclades”: Marc Fitoussi gives everything but want to go to Greece according to Le Masque

The film presented by Jérôme Garcin

As teenagers, Magali (Laure Calamy) and Blandine (Olivia Côte) were the best friends in the world, then time passed. Blandine, very depressed, separated from her husband. She finds Magalie by chance, still as exuberant, and the two decide to leave for the Greece they once dreamed of and the islands of the Big Blue, Mykonos and Amargos. There, they come across an absolutely unrecognizable Kristin Scott Thomas, who lives with a Greek painter and who is suffering from cancer. They celebrate, the two quickly become unsupportable to each other and end up separating. Do we have the right to say that Laure Calamy does so much that we want in this film to ask her to calm down a bit?

Nicolas Schaller quickly reached saturation!

However, the film journalist of The Obs has a lot of affection for Marc Fitoussi’s cinema, but that was too much for him, he didn’t buy in at all: “He’s one of the few in French comedy who has a certain requirement, who tries to make comedies that are both popular and a little worked, but there, really, I stall…

With Laure Calamy, we reach saturation very quickly, she is in self-caricature, completely freewheeling. Above all, the first part of the film is part of a comedy of repetition which always plays on the same principle.

The second part, with Kristin Scott Thomas, opens with something else that perhaps touched me a little more, but without being very inspiring either. Laure Calamy manages to make us hate New York disco, which is still an absolutely key period, but at some point, we can’t take it anymore!

I’m very disappointed because I really thought Fitoussi was on a sort of inspirational journey.”

Eric Neuhoff found it “horrible”

The critic for Le Figaro even goes so far as to use this expression of the writer Louise de Vilmorin: “It’s sinister to make a duck puke”. He too was offended by the role play attributed to the trio of characters, especially that of Laure Calamy. “Already, the basic idea: go to Greece because of a film by Luc Besson, but who can do that? We are sure that it will be a disaster. What had to happen happened.

They screwed it up for us, Laure Calamy. She doesn’t even have a donkey to upstage her. Yet donkeys are not lacking in French cinema. There, we associated him with Olivia Côte, whom I took an hour to understand.

Greece is filmed in an ugly, fussy way. It’s worse than Berck Plage. Kristin Scott Thomas, she tumbles in there, it’s not better.

It’s horrible as a movie. Not only has Greece lost its currency, but there it has lost all its tourists if they go to see this…”

For Charlotte Lipinska, it’s “a very long and very soft film”

For the magazine reporter voguethe film suffers cruelly from its length and a total lack of rhythm to which the duo of characters does absolutely no service: “A comedy over 1h50, you still have to have a little under your elbow. There, I admit that there is still a serious lack of rhythm and it’s very soft. Then this mismatched duo, one is as stuck, depressed as the other is sassy, ​​exuberant. It’s exactly the same drive as Copacabana which was very successful for the time but with the same opposition of characters between Isabelle Huppert and her daughter. It’s quite classic in buddy movies, but there, in fact, it doesn’t work for lack of rhythm, because Laure Calamy which we adored a lot, it is two points away from self-parodying.

On the other hand, I find that there is something quite unique, which I like about Kristin Scott Thomas, she manages to be ultra cowardly while remaining quite classy here in this character even if we see that the emotion that she brings is quite predictable and phoned. But with all that, I really don’t want to go to Greece with them.”

Jean-Marc Lalanne totally charmed by the film

Only the critic of Unbreakable save the honor, saluting on the contrary the skill and the sense of nuance specific to the cinema of Marc Fitoussi who once again deeply moved him: “This film is extremely seductive. Its merit is to constantly thwart its plot based on the opposition of two characters. This filmmaker is really very skilful in bringing nuance all the time. While it could really be a predictable comic machine, the way he plays with the break in tone, the way he gives us gives access to an interiority of these characters offers something extremely moving!

As for Laure Calamy, obviously she does a lot, but the more she advances, the more she succeeds in making visible the seams of her psyche. Which is precisely why she does too much, but it’s very moving. The film also gives birth to a great actress since Olivia Côte is the least identified of the three actresses, but admirable in this stuck character who could be very heavy, ultra-caricatural, well no. It’s extremely well-stitched and charming storytelling from start to finish!”

The film

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“The Cyclades” by Marc Fitoussi

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“The Cyclades”: Marc Fitoussi gives everything but want to go to Greece according to Le Masque