The #Édubrèves – edition of November 1, 2022

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In this edition: It’s time to register for Clair, the first edition of Evenings between Profs, educating in digital citizenship from preschool, the Unplugged Manifesto, the responsible forum, a tool for recording hours of professional development , Youth Digital Literacy Recognition Award winners, and more.

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Clear – Let’s reignite our sparks

After two years of withdrawal, the CAHM will welcome participants for a 12th edition on February 2, 3 and 4, 2023 in Clair, New Brunswick.

The conference program #clear2023 is now available and it is also possible to register. Visit the page for details.

Since 2010, an international meeting on the theme of “Seeing education differently” has been held annually in Clair. Nearly 3,800 participants from across Canada and even Europe converged on the school to take part in the various editions. Class visits, an Ignite session, an educational fair, a forum of winning practices as well as several major conferences will be presented.

First edition of Evenings between PROFS

Collège Durocher Saint-Lambert has partnered with Créativité Québec to offer teachers and staff of public and private schools in Quebec a networking event on November 10 in connection with educational innovation.

During this first edition of Evenings between PROFS, participants will have the opportunity to watch a documentary on the school and the skills of the 21st century: Most Likely to Succeed. A provocative film that has won worldwide awards (Sundance Festival, Tribeca Film Festival, Napple Film Festival, SBSW EDU, and many others), it shares examples of schools that have taken a turn centered on new skills . Subsequently, workshops will allow discussion among colleagues in the field.

Read the College press release.

Unveiling of the WINNERS(!) of the 2022 Digital Literacy Youth Recognition Awards

The 2022 Digital Literacy Youth Recognition Awards Ceremony took place at the event MTL connects: Montreal Digital Week, on October 18. The atmosphere was festive for the winning organizations, which were able to present their initiatives and the importance of supporting young Quebecers in developing their digital skills.

Discover the winners and all the finalists in this press release.

From left to right: Laura-May Guérin, Ellianne Rochefort, Nellie Brière, Cynthia Racine, Eve Beaudin, Annie Turbide, Marjorie Paradis, Sarah Bélanger-Martel.
Also present to receive their awards: Eve Beaudin and Geneviève Beauvais.

To read

  • Children Who Play Video Games Have Better Cognitive Outcomes, Study Finds : While it’s common for parents to worry about the possible negative consequences of video games on their children, a large study published in the medical journal JAMA Network Open indicates that this popular pastime may have cognitive benefits. Indeed, the results raise the interesting possibility that video games provide a cognitive learning experience with measurable neurocognitive effects, conclude the people who sign this study. The results therefore suggest that video games could be a better use of this screen time than watching videos on YouTube, for example, which has no detectable cognitive effects, according to the researcher.
  • What impact does exposure to electronic devices have on children’s vision development? : This is the question asked by Langis Michaud, optometrist and eye health expert at the University of Montreal. And his findings are unequivocal. “For normal visual development, it is recommended to avoid exposure to electronic devices between the ages of 0 and 2,” he writes.
  • Acting as an ethical citizen… it is learned early! : The educational advisers of the RÉCIT national service for preschool education sign an article in the professional journal of the Association d’éducation préscolaire du Québec (AÉPQ). They offer very concrete ways of making children (from the age of 5) aware of compliance with the written… and unwritten rules of privacy and digital security.

The “Unplugged, the responsible forum” Manifesto

The “Unplugged, the responsible forum” Manifesto, produced in partnership between Printemps Numérique and Nantes Digital Week, was launched last week. For nearly a year, a group of young Montreal workers, university students and young citizens of Nantes have collectively reflected on the future of digital technology, in all its dimensions. From this collaboration was born a committed manifesto describing what digital technology will be – or should be – by 2034: responsible and desirable.

Read the manifesto.

A tool for recording professional development hours

The tool is used to record your professional development hours by biennial cycle. The tool takes into account the Professional Competence Framework: Teaching Profession and the Digital Competence Reference Framework. Watch a tutorial to learn how to use the tool.

In addition, thetool for directions aggregates teacher records into a single document. Watch a tutorial to learn how to use the tool.

bulk resources

  • On Campus RÉCIT, a new self-training “ Learn and evaluate differently in science and technology », intended for primary and secondary school teachers, is available.
  • Scolarius is a free readability analysis tool. It analyzes the level of difficulty of a text according to the length of words, sentences and paragraphs.
  • Kaligo is an educational content solution that allows the analysis of the content produced by the child in real time and provides feedback and differentiated remediation from artificial intelligence.
  • On digitalethics.fryou will find practical sheets, articles and interviews with experts, information trails, quizzes, videos and experiences to live and download to acculturate and support your digital uses.

Launch of the 5th edition of À GO, on lit!

This multi-platform digital campaign seeks to have a positive impact on the reading habits of young people aged 14 to 20. With renowned ambassadors and a fun online quiz that lets you discover your reader profile and access a multitude of reading suggestions based on your interests, À GO, on lit! promotes the pleasure of reading among young people.

Learn more!

Don’t just trust your emails

For some time now, incidents of phishing via SMS (text message) have been on the rise. Here are some tips to avoid falling into the trap of scam text messages:

  • Do not open messages from unknown sources. Unless it is indicated that it is indeed a reliable source, eliminate these messages and do not respond to them in any way.
  • Be careful before clicking on a link, even if it comes from a known contact. Do not hesitate to ask your contact for more information before clicking.
  • Revise the URL (e.g.: of a web page and, if there is no security certificate or it does not correspond to the site you want to visit, avoid sharing personal or confidential information there.
  • This does not guarantee everything, but it is possible to test the URL by copying and pasting it into the site of Total virus. This site will tell you if the URL has already been identified as malicious.
  • If in doubt, consult directly with the company or third party responsible for the website or material you would like to see.

More information on the Government of Canada website.

Manage your subjects, a project for Quebec secondary schools

The Monique-Fitz-Back Foundation invites secondary schools in Quebec to participate in its project Manage your materials. This project, developed in collaboration with Québec’ERE, aims to raise awareness among students, staff and school management of the important role that schools can play in the management of residual materials.

The project revolves around two main actions:

  • support from the school team culminating in recommendations on the practices to be put in place to promote effective recovery, reduction at source and reuse;
  • the holding of commitment days bringing together delegations of young people from several schools to consider their role to play in improving the situation in their respective schools.

Already, two engagement days have been held in Quebec City and Trois-Rivières and eight schools are currently in the support phase. Schools interested in participating in the project are invited to visit geretesmatiè and contact the Monique-Fitz-Back Foundation.

Read the press release.

Responsible digital and its three dimensions in images

In closing, let’s laugh a little and be nostalgic at the same time!

30 years later, the Prof d’Éduc, Annie Moreau, launches her version of “Mon prof de Gym”, a classic parody of François Perrusse.

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The #Édubrèves – edition of November 1, 2022