The entrepreneur of Number One idol of TikTok: “How many absurd requests from artists”

Hi, I am Steven Basalari and I am the owner of the dance club Number One of Corte Franca, province of Brescia.

This is how Steven opens his videos on TikTok, where it garnered 350,000 likes in just a few months. The profile is dedicated only to Number Onethe famous dance club family’s. On Instagram instead he tells his private life to 540,000 followers.

Steven Basalari he is a real star, famous for his Brescian disco and for his glitz on social media. So famous that he hasn’t escaped our notice Dj Angel And Roberto Ferrariowhich a Hello beauties they make one parody.

In reality the man behind the mask, as he defines it, is a completely different person. Shy, thoughtful, unsure of himself, “unable to be alone”, to use his own words. No one really knows him fully. Maybe alone Luca Casadeihost of the podcast One death time where is it Steven Basalari he was a guest and spoke with an open heart: a long interview – one of the first granted so far – guided by feelings, emotions, difficulties, real life, between stories and anecdotes without filters.

Steven Basalarientrepreneur and influencer of 30 yearsit is told in the round, from the relationship with the late Father Mario Basalariicon of Number One and hardcore music in Italy, up to the whims of international stars welcomed into the disco.

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Steven Basalari in the podcast One more time: listen to the episode

Who is Steven Basalari: Number One and the relationship with his father Mario

Steven Basalari alone 30 years already seems to have it all. “I’ve always been a lucky guy, I’ve never lacked for anything”. An only child on his mother’s side, he had a half-brother on his father’s side. Also a half-sister, with whom, however, he has never had relations. His father Mario he had it in ’92, when he was over 50 years old.

I’ve always suffered the fact of having an elderly father: due to my advanced age I’ve always been terrified of losing him, I’ve always lived it terribly badly and this has influenced me a lot from the point of view of anxiety. When I missed it this year, it’s like I’ve lived this movie a billion times. Steven Basalari

Mario Basalari he passed away last February at 80, after a two-year battle with cancer had struck him for the second time. The seventh of nine siblings, in 1978 he set up the Number One what then steven he inherited, continuously transforming and reinventing it to take it higher and higher. Today the club is among the top nightclubs of Italy: 7 cinemas, 77,000 square meters in total, a city within the city of Brescia crowded every weekend. Pope Mario she had been taking him there since he was 6 years old.

I feel that within me there is a strength that derives from his story, as if I had a mission to carry forward something that he created from fatigue, poverty and hunger. I feel compelled to do it, I can’t spit on what he left me. Steven Basalari

Steven Basalari, Number One (shy) of Instagram and TikTok

From the words of steven it is immediately clear that the person is very different from the character who appears on social networks, where he shows off his life of luxury that amuses and pleases the public.

Also because on his profile you never know who you can find: first play golf with Khaby Lamethen goes viral with Electra Lamborghini. Meanwhile, his dance club flies registering sold-out after sold-out. But you know, not all that glitters is gold.

I am very shy and insecure. You wouldn’t tell from how I dress or how I behave on social media, it’s a mask I’ve always worn. Communicating in front of the mobile phone is very easy, managing anxiety and insecurity has always been my Achilles heel. Steven Basalari

Who knows how he must have felt at the age of 22, when he brought a guest to the for the first time Number One: it was 2014 and he was on stage at the console Bob Sinclair. Today steven calls one guest a week and dedicates his attention – and the club – to the so-called Generation Zmainly dealing with hip-hop, rap and trap.

You have to ride the trends, which are very fast: you have to keep up. Everything can change in a week: if you call a guest you don’t like, you lose. I perceived the turning point in 2017, the social network itself created this: Instagram, with stories, takes you into people’s lives. Kids bond with the characters, not the music. They are influencers, not just artists anymore, which is key – Steven Basalari

So how to figure out which guest to call for the next evening? Simple: ask followers. Like when everyone wrote to him 69. It’s the name of an American rapper that he didn’t know. But by the time he announced the date, within two hours he had already sold enough tickets to pay off the artist’s entire cachet (about $35,000).

It was June 30, 2018. Hence the turning point with the new policy: a succession of emerging artists, acclaimed on social. “When you’re lucky enough to have an audience telling you who to pick, why not listen to them?” Like when recently Tedua has surpassed the social televoting Chief Plaza.

Steven Basalari and the guests of the disco: the whims of the stars

Some guests, however, are difficult to deal with and to please. Sometimes Steven Basalari he had to face absurd requests made by young people international stars in the limelight, Italian exclusives of Number One just like in the case of 69.

Steve Aoki he filed a document with 200 requests, including cakes he throws after the concert. Everything had to be perfect, including the suites that he ended up not even using. In the room he wanted a new iPhone, new Air Pods, 5 pairs of colored Calvin Klein underwear, shoes, water and bars of a certain type. He arrived before the concert, sound-check, played and took the first plane and flew away. Dimitri Vegas And LikeMike instead they wanted the PlayStation with a particular video game. These are all things that come out of music, for me they were absurd: you’re an artist, you tell me how much you want, I’ll let you find a hotel and a taxi. But all these vices seemed absurd to me – Steven Basalari

Steven Basalari’s Heritage. With a novelty

In the end, not everyone exaggerates. Not by chance steven he is famous for giving his guests gifts of his own free will and without asking for anything in return. The idea, which today has also become an appreciated format on its social networks, was born with Gue Pequeno: for him it was the first gift, not even immortalized.

Today Steven Basalari he is friends with most of his guests, with most of the music scene. By the way, a One more time said one exclusive newsthat is the next step in his (immense) entrepreneurial life.

Do you think that during the covid period, when people were thirsty for fitness, remotely steven sold 500,000 euros of training ropes in one month. Evidence of entrepreneurial mindset. Try that Steven Basalari he is not only father’s son, even if his empire has inherited it.

In total, Steven Basalari owns two others nightclubs – the Qi Clubbing and the Cocoa (still in the province of Brescia)- the restaurant Villa Desire with relative bed and breakfast and various land with cellars capable of producing around one million bottles a year. To these activities we must add the online business, where the entrepreneur has been investing since 2016 mainly dealing with real estate. And fitness ropes, but only on an extemporaneous basis. The next step? In association with a famous rapper:

I just opened a 50/50 partnership with Shiva. For the first time I will come to Milan to do business: it is a former Starbucks that has closed, we will open an elite cocktail bar. It will be an interesting experiment – ​​Steven Basalari

You will understand well that with all these entrepreneurial activities, Instagram and TikTok, it is not easy to calculate exactly the heritage from Steven Basalari. One thing is certain: he has no shortage of money. Inheriting them was not his fault, knowing how to manage them was his merit. Papa Mario, from up there, will surely be proud of him and his family Number One.

The entrepreneur of Number One idol of TikTok: “How many absurd requests from artists”