The five TV shows for kids that the youngest are sure to love

There are various proposals offered by Italian television for young audiences. Here are the most followed and loved children’s programs.

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A very demanding audience is that made up of the younger group, which generally tends to appreciate more dynamic and immediate transmissions and which are able to provoke emotions.

Mainly i children’s programs therefore the most loved ones turn on reality shows and talent shows, but there is also no lack of space for culture, and for pure fun.

So let’s find out together which options are most loved and followed by this type of spectators.

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The college, the docu reality that excites young people

  • Where to see it: Rai 2 and Raiplay
  • Schedule: currently not on air
  • Editions: 6

Certainly a program that in recent years has particularly appealed to younger audiences is docu reality The college. This has been broadcast on Rai2 since 2017, and six editions have already been proposed. The last one, for example, was aired from 26 October until 14 December and like the previous ones it had a great following. The main feature of this program is to follow a group of young adolescents between 13 and 17 who have to study for about a month in a boarding school, respecting all the strict rules. However, the setting changes in each edition and a certain era is chosen. The last one, for example, was set in 1977.

A program that is very popular with very young audiences, especially because the protagonists in the show are their peers and therefore it is more possible to reflect oneself in them. A funny show, never banal and that proves to please not only the younger ones.

Friends, when dreams come true

  • Where to see it: Canale 5 or Mediaset Infinity
  • Timetable: Sunday 2 pm
  • Editions: 21

As far as talent shows are concerned, on the other hand, one of the most popular programs on our Italian television cannot be ignored. It is in fact Friends by Maria De Filippi which is broadcast on Canale 5 and is currently on air with the twenty-first edition. Program that as many will know is a real school that trains various talents from different fields, including singing and dancing. There are also many characters who owe their fame to this transmission, and who now enjoy an extraordinary success.

A program that they like mainly because it sees young protagonists who try to carry on themselves and their dreams.

All together now, an exciting singing challenge

  • Where to see it: Canale 5 or Mediaset Infinity
  • Schedule: currently not on air
  • Editions: 4

Another program that we could define as a sort of talent show and which is also very popular with young people is All together now. The latter is also a format that airs on Canale 5 and has reached its fourth edition, the last of which was recently broadcast. The presenter in this case is Michelle Hunziker, who is flanked by J-Ax who also holds the role of judge together with Rita Pavone, Francesco Renga and Anna Tatangelo. It is a singing competition in which different characters perform in front of the jury and also against a wall made up of 100 artists, the human wall, which you have the task of choosing the fate of all talents.

This program is also particularly appreciated as it gives the opportunity to listen to excellent music, and get excited with all the performances and stories of the aspiring singers.

The Simpsons predicted the future: all the prophecies that have come true

Geo, a look at environmental issues

  • Where to see it: Rai3 or Raiplay
  • Timetable: from 16.05 to 18.55 from Monday to Friday
  • Editions: –

Among the programs that educate and entertain wisely there is to be reported Geo broadcast on Raitre. This is a transmission conducted by Sveva Sagramola, where we mainly talk about the environment, nature and is of a documentary genre. A program designed not only for the youngest, but which involves several generations. Especially in recent years, however, the youngest have shown greater attention to the environment. Think for example of Greta Thunberg and the whole movement for the protection of environmental rights that moved thanks to her.

This is why programs like Geo manage to get even more attention among the youngest, who are much closer to this kind of content than in the past.

The Simpsons, the weirdest family on TV

  • Where to see it: Italy 1
  • Timetable: 14.05
  • Editions: 33 seasons

Another program most followed by younger audiences is certainly The Simpsons. As many will know, it is a cartoon, or rather an animated sitcom created in 1987 by cartoonist Matt Groening. So let’s follow the events of the family made up of the spouses Homer and Marge and their children Bart, Lisa and Maggie. This series actually was born more properly with the will to be a sort of parody about the American society and lifestyle.

Sarcastic, funny and brilliant at times, this cartoon actually appeals to the very young but also to adults.

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The five TV shows for kids that the youngest are sure to love