“The late with Alain Chabat”: what is this new program on which TF1 is betting?

TF1 Alain Chabat takes control of a brand new Late Show broadcast from November 21 to December 2 on TF1, to coincide with the dates of the 2022 World Cup.


Alain Chabat takes control of a brand new Late Show broadcast from November 21 to December 2 on TF1, to coincide with the dates of the 2022 World Cup.

TELEVISION – A host in costume, a sofa to receive guests, an orchestra… With this late show, Alain Chabat ticks all the boxes of the format for his new program which will be broadcast daily between this Monday, November 21 and December 2 to coincide with the dates of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

The actor, comedian and director had already lent himself to the exercise of television host with his “Burger Quiz” in the early 2000s on Canal +, then in 2018 on TMC. It is in an equally convivial setting, but this time at the end of the evening and on TF1, that he will receive guests such as Guillaume Canet, Léna Situations, OrelsanStefi Celma, Jamel Debbouze Jean-Pascal Zadi or Édouard Baer.

But what is a “late show”?

In principle, a late show is a program broadcast at the end of the evening, rather from 11 p.m. It is a format very embodied by its facilitator. Most of the time, whoever is in charge comes from the world of comedy. Depending on the formats, the program mixes interviews with guests, sketches and live music in front of an audience. In its classic format, it begins with a monologue by the host that mixes news and humour.

In the United States, the tradition of late shows dates back to the mid-1950s with the “Tonight Show”. From 1962, it was Johnny Carson who took over the controls following Steve Allen, then Jack Paar. He remained at the head of the program for 30 years. It is also in this show that many talents like Dolly Parton, Jim Carrey or Tom Hanks made their debut. Currently, the “Tonight Show” is hosted by Jimmy Fallon.

Among the most famous late show hosts on American television, we find Jimmy Kimmel, Trevor Noah, James Corden and Jimmy Fallon. Flagship moment of the TV program, the late show represents the moment for the guest (actor, musician, politician, etc.) to gain sympathy from the public.

Late-shows, a concept that is running out?

But Americans seem to be increasingly shying away from late-shows. According to the American media The Wrap, in August Jimmy Kimmel gathered an average of 1.14 million people against 2.5 million in 2015. For Jimmy Fallon 1.34 million Americans were watching their TV on average, while he gathered more than double in 2015. On the other hand, they keep amassing subscribers on their YouTube channel. They have 18 and 30 million respectively.

Trevor Noah, who became the headliner of the “Daily Show” (Comedy Central) leaves the ship after 7 years of good and loyal service. Ditto for James Corden who is leaving the “Late Late Show” (CBS) and his cult “Carpool Karaoke” which he has hosted since 2015.

In France, there have been multiple attempts at late-shows. In 1992, Arthur tries to impose the concept by presenting “The impossible emission” on TF1. The host repeated the experience in 2010 on Comedy + and TF1, “Tonight with Arthur” averaged 1 million viewers over two seasons. Always on TF1Jean-Pierre Foucault launched with “We will have warned you” in 2001. Only four programs saw the day (or in this case the night) before the total shutdown of the program.

“The night belongs to us” was able to do well on Comédie + and NRJ12. Comedian Mustapha El Atrassi hosted between 2009 and 2012. In 2017, Gad Elmaleh also joined the late show adventure and hosted a unique edition of Saturday Night Live, 3 million viewers had watched the program broadcast on M6.

The Alain Chabat recipe

We love late shows from Johnny Carson to Jimmy Fallon, including Jimmy Kimmel, Conan O’Brien and all the others. We are going to take up the codes of the late show and try to make people spend a funny hour”, this is how Alain Chabat describes his late show on the set of “C à Vous” (France 5) on October 10.

The ex-Nul is directly inspired by this type of show. He also adds a few elements of “Saturday Night Live” (SNL), a late show consisting almost entirely of sketches and parodies. Parody sketches like the one below will be in the TF1 late show.

Where this project differs from those from which it is inspired is the temporality. Late shows usually stick to current events as much as possible and are broadcast daily. ” We record the shows before so there won’t be any hot news but so much the better, I can’t take the news anymore! »explained the 63-year-old man on France 5.

In general, late shows are produced to last over time. Jimmy Kimmel, for example, is in its 20th season. However, Alain Chabat insists: only ten programs are planned, regardless of their success.

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