The man from Toronto the movie on Netflix, plot and review

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The man from Toronto movie review on Netflix from June 24, 2022

Apparently, The man from Toronto it may seem like yet another US action comedy in which a goofy bungler who has problems in life and at work ends up paired with a criminal but in reality… that’s exactly what it is. Directed by Patrick Hughesthe film was produced by Columbia Pictures, Bron Creative and Escape Artists.

The screenplay is by Robbie Fox and Jason Blumenthal. Originally, it was supposed to be released in cinemas. Eventually though, the distribution rights were sold to Netflixthe platform on which The man from Toronto is available from June 24, 2022. It will also be able to enter the Netflix Top Ten? Probably yes, although we’re not sure if he deserves it.

The plot

Teddy works out in a gym. Always on the hunt for the invention that will make him rich, he is experimenting with a new type of sports wrestling that he calls non-contact boxing. His wife supports him, but he still doesn’t get half of it right: he’s a bungler, he doesn’t plan anything and is unable to provide even economic security to his small family. For his wife’s birthday, however, he went big: he booked a vacation in a small one chaletcomplete with a spa.

The man from Toronto he is an unnamed mercenary who is paid handsomely to extort information and torture on behalf of others. He lives alone, loves cooking and his only love is Debora. He just got home when he gets a call of the utmost importance. The next job is worth 2 million and will have to be completed… in one chalet.

Following an identity swap, Teddy and the man from Toronto will meet and clash, eventually joining forces. We will see some good ones!


This story is already seen. This soup is heated. The pattern is always the same, and it offers no extra twitch to be forgiven. Woody Harrelson he is very good at the role of the manipulative super killer with a dark past who gradually turns out to be clumsy with women and a fan of the most controversial Thai fruit there is, the durian. Kevin Hart it is exaggerated and speckled, bordering on annoyance. What’s new?

The humor is hackneyed, but at least it’s not offensive. The irony is easy. The lead couple has too little chemistry. This film, while doing no active damage, is so insignificant that you don’t even know what to say about it. The effect is almost cartoonish.

The man form Toronto is such a simplified and stripped down action comedy that it looks like a parody of an action comedy. Convenient to fill almost two hours and nothing more. Pity.

Where to see it streaming

The man from Toronto is available on Netflix from June 24, 2022.

The trailer in English

The poster


The cast

  • Kevin Hart it’s Teddy
  • Woody Harrelson is The “Man from Toronto”
  • Kaley Cuoco it’s Maggie
  • Ellen Barkin
  • Jasmine Mathews it’s Ruth
  • Lela Loren
  • Pierson Fodé is The “Man from Miami”
  • Jencarlos Canela
  • Tomohisa Yamashita is The “Man from Tokyo”
  • Kate Drummond

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The man from Toronto the movie on Netflix, plot and review