The Menu: the first opinions on the thriller with Anya Taylor

The menuMark Mylod’s kitchen nightmare with the trio Anya Taylor JoyRalph Fiennes and Nicholas Hoult got their first reviews.

The menu is one of those little thrillers with an intriguing device that fills the audiovisual landscape once or twice a year and arouses the curiosity of a few adventurers in search of thrills and enticing concepts such as with the sympathetic Don’t Worry Darling earlier in the year. And on paper, with this synopsis which hides furious surprises behind its very cute base of a couple invited with other privileged people handpicked to taste the dishes of a fashionable restaurant, the film by Mark Mylod has good cards in hand.

Having known how to show the fangs in a disturbing and poisonous trailerthe film can rely on its royal cast with Brits Anya Taylor-Joy, Ralph Fiennes or Nicholas Hoult. A curious company whose first reviews have been published in the United States. So… would you rather caviar or grimace and tears of salt soup? Newspaper.

Anya who wonders how she and the film will be eaten by critics

“The Menu is the most entertaining movie since Knives Out, and the most engaging horror satire since Get Out. But regardless of the comparisons and guesses, The Menu won’t be the movie you expect.” Original-Cin

“As powerful as the shock in the moment may be, it’s hard to shake off the feeling that the storyline lacks the breadth and variety to shatter this simple restaurant tasting menu.” Slant Magazine

“Le Menu’s blunt and absurd portrayal of culinary violence may not be imaginative or thrilling, but the film is rarely dull. It’s fast food disguised as fine dining; and it may not be not be entirely satisfactory, but it has the merit of bringing something, of filling a void.” Empire

The Menu : Photo Anya Taylor-Joy, Nicholas HoultWhen notices are served

“The Menu is a hilarious and wicked thriller about the world of high-end restaurants, with an outstanding cast led by a phenomenal Ralph Fiennes. Some of the finest food shots in recent cinematic history, and accompanied by a delicious appetizer sampling of commentary on the service industry, class struggle and consumerism.” IGN

“The set-up is good, and the film is gloriously twisted. But The Menu is also slow – once you figure out what’s going on, some of the fun disappears.” slashfilm

“Mylod, from a screenplay by Seth Reiss and Will Tracy, dabbles in social commentary. Some is funny, some is appalling, but none are as engaging as when Mylod uses food to make statements.” arizona republic

“British director Mark Mylod (Game of Thrones, Succession) relies on a clever, sometimes ridiculously over the top script from Seth Reiss and Will Tracy. He teams up with a fine ensemble of comedians to deliver a deadpan parody Laughing at Cabin in the Woods-type horror movies, set in The White Lotus setting.” Chicago Sun-Times

The Menu : Photo Anya Taylor-Joy, Ralph Fiennes, Nicholas Hoult, Janet McTeerThose left on the floor who see the people who liked the film celebrating in chorus

“The Menu does one exceptional thing: it holds your attention and makes you think for a moment that any outcome is possible. That alone is something that makes your mouth water.” IndieWire

“Everything on the menu at Le Menu looks good enough, but once its moldy tirade against the 1% has been fully debited, it’s clear there’s not much left to put on. under the tooth.” The Playlist

“The tension is palpable as viewers wait to see how it all pans out, but Mylod and the writers also suggest it’s worth poking fun at everyone involved a bit, whether they’re serving versions fantasies of chaos or pay a high price for it.” polygon

The Menu : photo Ralph Fiennes, Anya Taylor-JoyThe story that has fun seeing you anticipate the switch to cannibalism film

Race report, The menu Appears like a small but pleasant surprise in the majority of cases. If a story like this can struggle to renew itself and to hide its mysteries, the fact remains that the amateur spectator of whodunit can play the investigators. Those left behind by the choices of the film may be able to find an escape with this usual, but incisive and jubilant talk about the rich and the Östlund-like classes paralleled with the cruelty of the culinary world.

To realize, on the other hand, what is really worth The menuthe potential false good idea, succulent surprise or unsavory wet firecracker, we invite anyone to determine it in French cinemas from November 23, 2022.

The Menu: the first opinions on the thriller with Anya Taylor-Joy have fallen