The most anticipated films at the cinema of 2023, all the new films released in theaters to see

From Oppenheimer to Barbie, from Indiana Jones and the wheel of destiny to Diabolik 3, from John Wick 4 to Guardians of the Galaxy 3, a 2023 full of films and surprises awaits us at the cinema, let’s take a look at the most anticipated.

With its dizzying receipts, Top Gun: Maverick has reignited the desire for cinema in the general public. Of the great cinema consumed in the hall, in the midst of strangers united by the same passion, intent on enjoying popcorn and spectacular scenes in front of the big screen. If 2022 was the year of return, 2023 could be the year of rebirth. Confirming the trend has been thought of by Avatar: La via dell’acqua, released for three weeks, which continues its mad rush, reviving the box offices all over the world. Despite the forced stop, the box office crisis, the explosion of streaming platforms and the closure of many rooms, the desire for cinema has not failed. After the appetizer of the second half of 2022, the one that has just begun looks like a year full of ferment, judging by the proliferation of titles.


Indiana Jones 5: the first photo of the film

Undoubtedly, among the most anticipated movies of 2023 at the cinema there is the now traditional handful of cinecomics. But if titles like Top Gun: Maverick and the same Glass Onion – Knives Out, which experienced a happy cinematic starter (unfortunately only lasted one week) before landing on Netflix, confirm a little tiredness towards the genre and the public’s desire to diversify the visions, Marvel Studios is there, solid, ready to launch the new MCU titles. The most anticipated is undoubtedly Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, the swan song of the saga of the Guardians and director James Gunn who, after his dismissal, returned to Disney only to finish the work he had begun. Female (and non-female) audiences could focus on The Marvels, sequel to Captain Marvel. Brie Larson hasn’t really managed to win the hearts of MCU fans so far, but now the actress has another chance and she won’t be alone. Monica Rambeau and Ms. Marvel are on the way to give her a hand.

Barbie Margot Robbie

Barbie: Margot Robbie in the first photo of the film

Marvel Studios’ conservative policy is countered by the earthquake in DC house with the arrival of James Gunn as the new CEO along with Peter Safran. A nice clean slate compared to the past to rebuild a connected and coherent universe from scratch in perfect Marvel style. Little or nothing will be saved of the old DCU, therefore 2023 will see it run out the old wave with the sequels of Aquaman and Shazam and with the tormented The Flash and then starting from scratch. Outside the comics, but we are still in the field of close relatives, among the most anticipated films of 2023 there is no shortage of the adaptation of Super Mario Bros and that of Dungeons & Dragons, respectively the most popular video game and RPG of all time . Super Mario Bros. The Movie also leads the patrol of the most anticipated animated titles along with Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, sequel to the Oscar-winning Spider-Man: Into The SpiderVerse and the new Disney/Pixar project, the delicate Elemental, which we hope will not be penalized by the streaming output like its predecessors.

Killers Flower Moon

Killers of the Flower Moon: Leonardo DiCaprio and Lily Gladstone in the first photo

2023 marks the great return by Christopher Nolan after his break with Warner Bros. The English filmmaker once again reclaims the grandeur of cinema by strictly filming the biopic on the father of the atomic bomb, the American physicist Robert Oppenheimer. The end of the twenty-year relationship between Nolan and WB is due to the studio’s unscrupulous streaming release policy that has infuriated more than one director. On the contrary, Martin Scorsese has decided to ride the wave of streaming platforms to carry out the projects that are closest to his heart. After the Netflix film The Irishman, Scorsese got financed by Apple for the long-awaited Killers of the Flower Moon, the story of a true series of crimes that took place on an Indian reservation in the 1920s which, we hope, you find the right space at the cinema. And we hope that the new film by Roman Polanski will also find the right space, ostracized for the legal troubles due to alleged sex crimes, who returns with the mysterious The Palace, of which few details are available as well as for the new Woody Allen film , the Parisian Wasp 22, the fiftieth (and hopefully not last) film by the 87-year-old director.

Oppenheimer Movie Nolan Poster

Oppenheimer: an image

Italian cinema continues to support the policy of authors to capitalize on return to theaters with heavy films. This is the case of Marco Bellocchio’s The Conversion, a reflection on the intertwining of faith, politics and free choice inspired by a true news story. Steven Spielberg cradled the project for years, which then ended up in the hands of Looker. This year also sees the return to cinemas of Nanni Moretti and Matteo Garrone, the former with Il sol dell’avvenire, a title that contains political echoes for an incursion into Rome in the 1950s and 1970s which will have to do with the cinema, the second with I Captain, a reflection on immigration filtered through the eyes of a child. Luca Guadagnino continues his exploration of the USA with Challengers, which sees Zendaya in the role of a tennis player intent on training her husband. His set colleague, Josh O’Connor, will also star in Alice Rohrwaher’s new film, The Chimera, set in the world of grave robbers in the 80s. Last, but not least, Diabolik 3 will conclude the Manetti Bros. trilogy which explores the comic book anti-hero born from the pen of the Giussani sisters.

John Wick Chapter 4 Text

John Wick 4: a photo of Keanu Reeves

2023 will be the year of Barbie? Likely. If the awakening can be seen from the morning, the hype on the film of Greta Gerwig with Margot Robbie in the role of the famous Mattel doll and Ryan Gosling in those of Ken is skyrocketing. Parody, acute reflection on the female body or simple divertissement? Considering that the intellectual Noah Baumbach has a hand in the script, we are really curious to see what will come of it. And if 2022 was the year of the return of Top Gun, in 2023 it’s up to Indiana Jones regain the scene after a long wait. The stainless Harrison Ford still has a lot to say, but the future of Indy is uncertain, especially due to the age limits. Will Indiana Jones and the Wheel of Destiny be the swan song? We will only find out in the cinema.

DC Studios: James Gunn and Peter Safran new CEOs, will take care of films, series and animated projects

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The most anticipated films at the cinema of 2023, all the new films released in theaters to see