The movie to watch on Prime Video (only) if you like “wrong” horror

If you are looking for a streaming horror movie, and precisely on Amazon Prime Video, you might come across Run Sweetheart Runin the catalog on Prime from 28 October. In case the meager summary on the platform is not enough to convince you to press the play button, you may need some more information about this film.

And here we come to your aid, with this review, which if you are in a hurry can be summarized as follows: Run Sweetheart Run is the classic “average” horror film, with its strengths and above all the typical defects of this film genre, so if you like well that’s it, if you are looking for a “perfect” film, forget it now.

What is “Run Sweetheart Run” about

Cherie (Ella Balinska, who you may have seen in the series Resident Evil on Netflix) is a young woman trying to make her way as a practicing lawyer in a firm dominated by men who seem to come straight from the 1950s in how they treat women.

One day her boss scolds her because, according to him, she has scheduled a business dinner with an important client on the very evening when he celebrates his wedding anniversary with his daughter. So he forces her to go to dinner with the client, luckily finding a friend who can babysit her daughter Luz.

So, that evening Cherie goes to the man’s house, whose name is Ethan and is played by Pilou Asbæk, aka the infamous (but fascinating) Euron Greyjoy of game of Thrones. The two go to a restaurant for dinner and have a pleasant evening, except when Ethan snaps angry after a dog approaches him. “As a child I was bitten by a dog” he justifies himself.

Anyway, after dinner he asks her not to leave and to sleep with him. Cherie hesitates but then she accepts. The two enter the house, for a few seconds we see from outside the entrance door of the luxurious mansion with a background that is anything but reassuring, and in fact shortly after Cherie leaves the house screaming and running, bloody and with her dress torn.

He seeks help from the neighbors, who, however, close the windows and turn off the lights as he passes by. Then she Cherie runs her until she reaches a cinema, in front of which there are two women who she asks to call the police because she was attacked. And the police arrive, but instead of helping her and collecting the report … she throws her in jail for harassing drunkenness.

In the cell, an incredulous Cherie meets another woman, to whom she tells what happened to her. Hearing her story, the other woman is frightened because she claims to have already heard it from a friend of hers who later died. She then advises Cherie to run away as much as she can and seek out the “first woman”. Soon after, Ethan visits her in the cell and tells her that if she is to survive she must try to escape him until the next morning.

Cherie seeks refuge at the home of her boss, whose wife warns her – as if it were needed – of the great danger she is running, and advises her to run, and wash off the blood. So begins a ruthless hunt for this bloodthirsty monster to poor Cherie, and at this point we stop to avoid spoilers, advising you to take a look at the trailer below before continuing to read.

Why (not) see Run Sweetheart Run

In the parody films of the saga of Scary Movie many narrative mechanisms typical of the horror genre were exposed and mocked. Here, if you remember Scary Moviewatching Run Sweetheart Run you might wonder if you are seeing a parody of the parody, no matter how many gender stereotypes there are in this film.

Things that happen without a reason, the protagonist who makes stupid and senseless choices and vice versa does not do the only smart thing to do, scenes that should be creepy but make you laugh, monstrosities shot in “or dimo“to quote Boris… The repertoire is rich and varied.

Allow us just a little spoiler: but if you knew that a monster that chases you to kill you is terrified of dogs, wouldn’t the first thing you do would be to look for a nice big dog that can defend you? Well, we don’t know why Cherie doesn’t really think about it, and this makes you understand the level of the film.

That said, Run Sweetheart Run does his duty, giving some thrills, dosing the splatter well and in short keeping the tension high enough, like a horror film must do.

But honestly, if you’re looking for a movie with a ruthless chase on Prime, maybe you should watch Most Dangerous Gameif you like thrillers better Goodnight Mommyif you want a better high voltage series The Devil’s Hour. But if you are looking for a horror movie with its strengths and weaknesses, then Run Sweetheart Run can be a solution.

Rating: 5

The movie to watch on Prime Video (only) if you like “wrong” horror