The “Oscars” of Tolentino fill the Vaccaj theater

FESTIVAL – The awards for the new languages ​​of humor and comedy have been awarded to Valerio Lundini, Federico Palmaroli and Alessandro Garramone. Award also to philosopher and influencer Riccardo Dal Ferro. Tomorrow conclusion of the review with Carlo Cambi, Giulia Ciarapica, Tommaso Ariemma and with the philoshow dedicated to the world of fantasy

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The protagonists of the evening

Full theater for the “Oscars” of Tolentino. The comedian Valerio Lundini’s quote is the best performance of the evening staged last night at the Vaccaj theater where the first edition of the Comedy Report award was held, the recognition given by the Biumor festival to the new languages ​​of humor and comedy.


Valerio Lundini

An evening that fully achieved the goal that the municipal administration had given itself with the establishment of the prize to encourage the participation of young people. And in fact the audience responded enthusiastically: many young people in the audience, many fans of Valerio Lundini who at the end of the evening took selfies and asked for autographs, but also of Frederick Palmarolicreator of the page “Osho’s sentences” which amused the public to tears, and of Alessandro Garramone director of the docu-series Wanna dedicated to Wanna Marchi.


Mayor Mauro Sclavi, regional councilor Carlo Ciccioli and Lucrezia Ercoli

The evening opened with institutional greetings from the mayor Mauro Sclavi and the regional councilor Carlo Ciccioli: “Thanks go to all those who worked for this evening – said the mayor – I see many young people and many people who come from outside the city. We strongly wanted to renew the festival and tonight’s examples are proof that a long way has come from the “smiley faces” of the 80s to today and it is possible to communicate in an intelligent and different way, even using new languages ​​and speaking to the younger generations” . Councilor Ciccioli underlined the role of Biumor in the regional cultural landscape, recalling the support given by the region since the first edition 10 years ago and the brand of Tolentino as a “city of humour”. “Nostalgia – said Ciccioli, evoking the theme of the edition – is a poignant feeling, smiling at nostalgia instead is liberating”.

Space then for the actual awards ceremony with the guests who spoke with Lucrezia Ercoli. The director Alessandro Garramone has reconstructed the birth of the docu fiction on Vanna Marchi also speaking of the difficulties encountered in finding the material, a real project of television archaeology recovering teleshopping from the 80s and even going to physically look for the magician Do Nascimento, who disappeared for everyone and fled to Brazil after the scandal. The director was awarded for the innovative cut given to the docu series which, through the light and (very) dark life of Wanna Marchi, was able to outline a picture of Italy in the 80s.


Federico Palmaroli, Alessia Pupo and Lucrezia Ercoli

Laughter in the room instead for Federico Palmaroli, the Osho of the web creator of the social phenomenon that has transformed an Indian holy man into a meme. Palmaroli brought to the stage a sort of “best of” of his most effective cartoons, recounting the genesis and evolution of his style which from the customs clearance of a certain Romanity passed to the irony of politics and current events. And in these two years the material has not been lacking between Covid, lockdown, governments, elections, vaccines. And finally, satire has not spared even Pope Francis, who has become an Osho meme despite him. The deputy mayor rewarded Palmaroli for innovating social communication Alessia Pupo.

Valerio-Lundini-Alessandro-Massi-Lucrezia-ErcoliIn the unprecedented role of interviewee rather than conductor Valerio Lundini who revealed to the public the idea that was at the basis of the birth of his show “Una pezza di Lundini”. “It was thought as if a program was skipped due to Covid and we were called to replace it, to patch it up”. A completely new format, a parody of television talk shows that revealed behind-the-scenes mechanisms by taking unintentionally comical situations to extremes. Lundini gave himself generously, telling a lot about himself and his writing, also as an author and writer. The Prime Minister awarded him Alessandro Massi.

Tomorrow Saturday the Biumor program continues with the afternoon meetings at the Politeama: from 6 pm with “Nostalgia for the good that was” with Carlo Cambi who will talk about etiquette and behavior and the old flavors of the past. Following at 6.30 pm Giulia Ciarapica who will address the literary topos of nostalgia among the letters and places of some writers and at 7 pm Tommaso Ariemma with the focus on TV series from Blade runner to Stranger things. In the evening we move to the Vaccaj where at 21.30 the presenter, writer and science popularizer Lucia Troisi will lead a journey into the world of fantasy with Lucrezia Ercoli with the philoshow dedicated to Nostalgia for the middle ground.

Biumor “against nostalgia” Innovation of philosophical language, awarded by Riccardo Dal Ferro

Alessandro Garramone

Alessandro Garramone




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The “Oscars” of Tolentino fill the Vaccaj theater