The Palmashow: “Our parodies? everyone has to go”

TELEVISION – After two editions – each one brought together more than 1.6 million viewers – The Crazy Evening of the Palmashow is back tonight at 9 p.m. on C8.

True to form, Grégoire Ludig and David Marsais delight us with a succession of TV show parodies – that of Meeting in unknown land with Patrick Bruel is irresistible – of commercials, clips, etc. Virginie Efira, Kad Merad, Olivier Baroux and other personalities are in the game. In prime-time thread: the true-false genesis of their very first feature film, The Crazy Story of Max & Léon, an adventure comedy that will be released in theaters on November 1st. We met the duo of actors. Cross interview.

How do you go about writing such prime time?

Gregory Ludig : In all, it takes us two months to write, but, concretely, we jot down ideas all year long. Everything is inspiring! Something we saw on TV, a person we observed in the street, an attitude, something we saw or experienced at the restaurant, at the airport, with our girlfriends, our families, etc. . We write it down right away so we don’t forget it or we send each other a text message. Then we mix everything together.

Your way of writing with four hands is well established because you have known each other since college…

David Marsais: It’s true that it fuses between us. We come face to face with computers and it goes by itself. That doesn’t mean either that we always agree, and so much the better! You have to be able to say to the other “no, it’s not a good idea” or “we have to look for another fall”. Sometimes we put aside a sketch to let it “rest” and resume it later.

Like every Crazy party at the Palmashowyou parody, in particular, TV shows. Meeting in unknown land in fact the costs for example this time. Do you sometimes fear that some animators do not have the humor, the necessary distance and are a little angry with you? Have you ever experienced it?

David Marsais: No, that never happened. And I don’t think that, in the case you cite, Frédéric Lopez will hold it against us. Before him, we parodied a lot of other shows, it’s not as if we were attacking him directly first. Somewhere the message for Frédéric is a little “you’ll be there too”! (smile)

Grégoire Ludig: And our sketches are of the second degree, even of the third and fourth degree. We know very well that the people we parody are not like that for real.

In one of the sketches, you also mention the difficult, if not impossible, exercise of promoting a film for actors on certain TV shows such as Do not touch My TV!. Is it tricky to gently make fun of Cyril Hanouna when you are broadcast on the same channel?

Grégoire Ludig: Not at all. We fully accept it. Anyway, for this sketch, parodied all the channels: France 5 with C to youFrance 2 with We are not in bed , etc. It would be silly not to Do not touch My TV . On the contrary! It would have been like, “oh no, he’s on C8, we can’t do that,” etc. Everyone has to go there at some point! Well, besides, it’s not very bad what we did around Cyril.

On November 1, your first film is released in theaters, The Crazy Story of Max & Léon

Grégoire Ludig: We wanted to make a film for a very long time. Once we had the right idea, it took us two years to write it, in parallel with the two previous ones. Crazy party at the Palmashow. We gave the script to our favorite prime-time director, Jonathan Barré. A 200-page pad… in other words, he kindly told us to cut a little in the text!

David Marsais: It’s an adventure comedy, a period film, in the second world war, in a parodic way. It’s a style that was popular in the 80s and 90s, like Grandpa resists, The 7th company, etc. These are films that we love, that we have seen and reviewed. We wanted to make one…

Grégoire Ludig: And obviously we draw parallels with the failings of today’s society.

You are on tour until the end of the month in the provinces to show the film in preview: what are the first echoes?

Grégoire Ludig: Very positive! People are kind to us and very receptive to the film. Some, who know us through the parties Palmashow, tell us that they were eager to find out what we were going to do in the cinema. Are they pleasantly surprised?

Pleasantly surprised? Why?

Grégoire Ludig: I think they expected to see gag galore for an hour and a half, but that’s clearly not our artistic proposal. People understand, I think, that we didn’t make fun of them.

David Marsais: It’s a real film, with characters that we have developed, it’s not a series of sketches. There are several levels of reading in this film. Everyone takes their little pleasure at different times.

Interview by Nathalie Chuc

The Palmashow: “Our parodies? everyone has to go”