The power of dust: Riescher’s performance in Fontecchio

FONTECCHIO – A physical and mental investigation of a near future world, which will helplessly witness the disappearance of the clouds, which reflect an important percentage of the solar radiation from which they are affected, due to the ever-increasing concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

This is the theme of the traveling performance “The power of dust” which will be staged on Sunday, September 18th from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm in Fontecchio, in the Sirente Velino regional park, in the province of L’Aquila.

The author and director is Martina Riescher, born in Germany now living in Fontecchio like many other artists, and who studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. Her work has been exhibited in international exhibitions since 1993, and she too was one of the protagonists of the first edition of Riabitare con dell’arte, which last year involved numerous municipalities of the 2009 seismic crater.

Debora Frasca, Sebastian Alvarez, Cervo Zoppo, Laura Arual, Nicolò Guarraci, Deborah Panaccione, Patryk Kalinski and Pasquale Sallicati will participate in the performance. But the invitation is also extended to all those who between spectators and the public want to participate, devising and staging unique and creative methods for collecting rainwater.

The exhibition organized by Alessandro Costa, a Roman artist who moved to Fontecchio, and who will open his “Fonte d’Arte” cellar in via del Vallone for the occasion, also revolves around the theme of climate change.

The event will coincide with the day in Fontecchio of the second edition of the International Performative Festival organized by MAXXI L’Aquila, in collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts of L’Aquila. And also with the first edition of “Paper Dress”, also scheduled for Sunday at 16.30 in Piazza del Popolo, a fashion show, an amused parody of the glittering world of fashion, based on the paper dress combined with other recycled materials such as cardboard , plastic and fabric, made by the inhabitants, old and new, artists and not, by La libero pupazzeria.

Martina Riescher explains: “this performance invites us to reflect on what life would be like without clouds, without these immense reservoirs of water formed by drops that condense around the microcrystals of dust and then fall to the ground. What would happen if the water cycle stopped? Will we look up in the hope of seeing clouds in the blue sky? We would simply want them to shelter us from the scorching sun, to release their load of water, to make the raindrops fall on our hats, on our faces. We will dream of hearing how the drops fall on the roof while we fall asleep, of observing how they flow on the glass of the window, feeling how the water penetrates our shoes as we walk down the street. We will feel the impossibility of waiting for the water to complete its cycle, collecting every drop even before it falls to the ground and disappears underground. We will spend most of our time developing individual harvesting techniques, looking forward to the next rain ”.

Therefore, the artist concludes, “I invite you to participate in this action: you only need to be creative in finding a personal method of collecting raindrops and staging it in the streets of Fontecchio, even for just 5 minutes, at intervals or throughout the day, alone or in a group “.

For information, please contact Martina Riescher via whatsapp +49 173 6914444

The power of dust: Riescher’s performance in Fontecchio