The Return Of The Rick & Morty Parody Namor Couldn’t Have Been Timed Better | Pretty Reel

Rick and Morty Season 6 Episode 8 sees Mr. Nimbus appear once more – with some clever timing that makes the character even better.

Rick and Morty season 6 performs a repeat of its parody of Namor via a perfectly timed appearance by Mr. Nimbus. Although a relatively new character to the series, Mr. Nimbus quickly became an audience favorite when he first showed up in Season 5. This was partly because for its funny but vaguely uncomfortable plot with Beth and Jerry, and in part because its ties to Rick as his nemesis allowed the villain to hint more at the scientist’s backstory.

Rick and Morty season 6, episode 8 sees the return of Mr. Nimbus – which is perfect timing, given that Black Panther: Wakanda Forever just introduced Namor to MCU audiences two weeks before the episode aired. This is especially useful given that Namor isn’t such a well-known character – but with the sheer size of the MCU, a wider audience now understands the parody better. While audiences were already familiar with Aquaman via the character’s own DCU episode, Nimbus is clearly more of a parody of Namor, and as such having both Namor and Aquaman on the big screen helps those unfamiliar with the comics better understand the joke.

How Black Panther 2 Makes Mr. Nimbus Much Better

Luckily, the Rick and Morty series is written so that audiences don’t have to figure out which characters like Mr. Nimbus are supposed to parody to get character jokes. The idea of ​​someone who lives in the ocean and considers those who live in the ocean to be better than humanity is a premise that doesn’t need much more context, and the fact that the character Mr. Nimbus revolves around a mix of that and his expansive sexual exploits mean he’s not exactly a complicated parody. The only more detailed aspect of Nimbus is his relationship with Rick, and that only originated in the series itself.

However, Black Panther 2 definitely helps audiences get the character and thereby improves Mr. Nimbus from Rick and Morty. The MCU’s Namor is different from his comic counterpart in many ways – no doubt to make him a more likable and morally complicated character than the comic version initially was – but his refined dignity carries over to both versions. Knowing that makes Mr. Nimbus funnier in comparison, and so his appearance so soon after Black Panther: Wakanda Forever helps put that in high definition.

The MCU’s Future May Help Rick & Morty References Even More

Rick and Morty has long referenced all aspects of pop culture, which has inevitably meant a whole host of comedic references. However, these can be missed, as many people’s only exposure to comic book characters is in the MCU. But the ever-expanding Marvel film franchise means it can accommodate more and more previously lesser-known characters, with films like Black Panther: Wakanda Forever paving the way for even some of the most obscure Rick and Morty references to come. become common knowledge for the public.

The Return Of The Rick & Morty Parody Namor Couldn’t Have Been Timed Better | Pretty Reel