The series on Il Camorrista is official. Who will be Raffaele Cutolo? Cast and number of episodes

One of the cult films of Italian cinema is preparing to become a series. Indeed, in fact, it already is. In these hours, in fact, it emerged that Giuseppe Tornatorethe director of “Il Camorrista”, in 1986 had also made a series of five episodes taken from the film and always inspired by the homonymous novel by Giuseppe Marrazzobased on Octavian’s boss Raffaele Cutolo.

Number of episodes

The proposal to create a series came from the producer Goffredo Lombardo, but the 5-part fiction was never aired. Indeed, the series was lost in the archives and since then it was no longer available to the point that it was considered lost.

After 36 years the new Titanus staff has found the work and now you can see the restored work. Obviously it will take some time before the films are transformed, processed and made visible to the general public on streaming platforms or on TV. In light of what Tornatore said, the actors should therefore be the same as in the film. Let’s go for a quick review of the cast and plot of the film, now available for streaming on Amazon.

The cast and plot of the film

In the Poggioreale prison, the authority of “the professor” grows, the prisoner manages to create a new and powerful Camorra organization. The adventures touch the blood season of Campania at the beginning of the eighties, but also New York. Inspired by the figure of Raffaele Cutolo, in the wake of the book by Giuseppe Marrazzo is the first film by Giuseppe Tornatore, with Ben Gazzara, absolute protagonist.

Original title: The Camorrista
Released: 1986
Nationality: Italy
Duration: 170 ′
Director: Giuseppe Tornatore
Cast: Ben Gazzara, Nicola Di Pinto, Luciano Bartoli, Maria Carta, Laura del Sol, Leo Gullotta, Marzio Honorato, Franco Interlenghi

The project for Genny Savastano

“It’s a new restart”, the president Guido Lombardo, who is the latest generation of founders of Titanus, the oldest film company in the world (together with the French Pathè), dated 1904, the only one still in the hands of the original family, said excitedly, presenting the new phase.

The archive has been restored, digitized in 2k and 4k for use by the platforms and also with foreign language subtitles. “I made my first film in 1986 with Titanus, I owe everything to Goffredo Lombardo and my sense of gratitude will never be enough. The Camorrista – Tornatore said – was more expensive than a first work, Goffredo asked me to accept a double version to amortize the costs, a film and a series in 5 episodes. The film had a painful life, it was sued, it was hot at the time and I think it still is today. The TV version disappeared, searched for 36 years, now it’s back out and I’ll get my hands on it with adequate color correction and cleaner sound “.

From the immense patrimony, various projects have been identified now in development. In 2023 it will be 50 years since the first Piedone the cop and that character of Bud Spencer, the first in which Pedersoli was not dubbed. It will be remake in the Piedone series, produced by Sky Studios, Titanus, Wildside with Peppe Fiore headwriter.

“Not a parody, not something that offends the fans, first of all because I’m the first fan of Piedone”, he said Salvatore Espositothe Genny Savastano from Gomorrah who will play him and who is among the authors of the screenplay. “Not debasing the story or the quality, in a word, respecting it, is what matters to us – continued Esposito – He was a superhero, he protected the weakest, like all the kids of that time I grew up with that big man. With Maradona, Totò and De Filippo, Bud is the Neapolitan spirit that I feel is mine ”. The series is approved by the Pedersoli family, which has historical ties with the Lombardo family: the widow Maria Amato is the daughter of the legendary Peppino Amato, producer of Totò, De Sica and della Dolce Vita. “From killer to gentle giant’s smile, Salvatore is perfect for us,” said Bud’s son Giuseppe.

La Ciociara is being prepared, the series that will tell the Cesira saga from 1924 to the post-war period, a prequel and sequel to the film that gave the Oscar to Sofia Loren, based on the work of Alberto Moravia. And always from the Titanus archives we work on the series from Palermo-Milan Solo Andata, the policeman of Claudio Fragasso, produced by Pietro Innocenzi, who in the second half of the 90s updated the genre by launching many talents, from Raoul Bova to Ricky Memphis.

The series on Il Camorrista is official. Who will be Raffaele Cutolo? Cast and number of episodes – Naples Edition