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While The Simpsons has already taken a few shots at its contestants, Season 34’s Treehouse of Horror Halloween special was the first episode to explicitly poke fun at South Park, Rick and Morty, and Family Guy in the same gag – and has even made room to poke fun at a few other comedy series at the same time. So far, The Simpsons Season 34 has seen the show get more fun than ever. It would be an impressive feat for any show, but for a series as well-known as the Anarchic animated comedy, Season 34’s commitment to poking fun at The Simpsons’ many plot holes, storytelling shortcuts, and more. show and even its competitors was impressive. .

In The Simpsons season 34, episode 6, “Treehouse of Horror XXXIII”, the show parodied Westworld with a segment set in a theme park that allowed guests to re-enact their favorite scenes from The Simpsons’ Golden Age episodes. . The spoof’s ending revealed that the Simpson family had escaped from their theme park prison, but they are now at a nearby similar theme park based on Bob’s Burgers while on the horizon, South Park Park, Family Guy Town, and Rick and Morty Universe were also visible. Rather than just name-checking its biggest competitors, this gag saw The Simpsons warn these new shows that they, too, would one day be considered past their prime.

How The Simpsons Season 34 Spoofed Other Adult Animated Comedies

Since Season 34 broke The Simpsons rules to tell weirder, more experimental stories, it makes sense that the Westworld parody saw the show poking fun at viewers who wanted to relive its 90s glory days over and over again. “Treehouse of Horror XXXIII” poked fun at The Simpsons’ idea of ​​simply recreating old episodes and scenes ad nauseam. So the inclusion of all those other theme parks meant that Rick and Morty, Bob’s Burgers, and Family Guy would all one day suffer the same fate as The Simpsons, being loved for the classic releases but less relevant in their current incarnation.

While The Simpsons still has a large following, the series also has a sense of humor about its dwindling relevance in the pop culture landscape. Once an era-defining cultural touchstone, these days The Simpsons is often seen as an influential, but outdated, series. Season 34 of The Simpsons is attracting major celebrities due to the show’s cultural insight, but it’s not the critically acclaimed new phenom that it was in its heyday. However, with 20 seasons under his belt, Family Guy is now also a television institution and, at 25, the South Park alum is also showing his age. So the Simpsons gag let the show warn these shows that aging into irrelevance will happen to them all, too.

This isn’t the first time Rick and Morty have been mentioned on The Simpsons, though the pair’s latest appearance wasn’t a playful blow to the show and its creative debt to previous success. Instead, it was a classic couch gag collab from The Simpsons season 26, episode 22, “Mathlete’s Feat.” Like Bill Plympton’s trippy Simpsons couch gags, this brief sequence saw The Simpsons abandon the show’s reality for a time when Rick and Morty accidentally killed the eponymous heroes. However, this cameo didn’t poke fun at Rick and Morty like their later appearance in “Treehouse of Horror XXXIII” did.

Why The Simpsons Make Fun Of Family Guy, South Park And Bob’s Burgers

This isn’t the first time The Simpsons have poked fun at South Park, Family Guy, or even Bob’s Burgers. The reason for this is that all of these shows borrowed from The Simpsons to some degree, while they each enjoyed popularity after the peak of The Simpsons, the series has good reason to jokingly imply that they too will soon be artifacts. Already, South Park season 26 is changing the show’s formula to avoid periodicity and repetition, and the success of The Bob’s Burgers film earlier this year has sparked a series of thoughts about whether to end the show. lest it end like The Simpsons.

It’s odd that The Simpsons is both an iconic piece of pop culture and a punchline, with the series simultaneously acting as a synonym for a series that has overstayed its reception and as one of the world’s most respected and impressive achievements. of the medium. thanks to its early season success. Season 34 of The Simpsons tried to circumvent this by playing with the show’s formula, breaking its rules, and renegotiating what an episode of the show can be with experiences like The Simpsons’ brilliant parody of The Simpsons. computer science of Stephen King. Now, however, “Treehouse of Horror XXXIII” has allowed The Simpsons to also warn Rick and Morty, South Park, and Family Guy that the same fate may well await them.

The Simpsons poke fun at Family Guy, Rick & Morty AND South Park in 1 episode | Pretty Reel