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With its milestone 33rd run around Halloween, The Simpsons’ annual “Treehouse of Horror” episode continues to be a spooky season favorite. Over the years, the episodes have produced some of the show’s best moments, and fans can’t help but watch them fondly.

From jaw-dropping movie parodies to clever twists on classic literature, “Treehouse of Horror” elicits as many laughs as it does screams. While they’re usually highlights of the season they come from, Reddit users have taken to the site to name the “Treehouse of Horror” episodes they liked the most.

Treehouse of Horror XIX (2008)

While they’re generally all entertaining, not all “Treehouse of Horror” is perfect from start to finish, and some do just one exceptional segment. User theummeower mentioned one such episode when he said “Episode XIX. The Charlie Brown parody is hilarious to me. »

Taking a moment to parody one of the most beloved pieces of Halloween lore, XIX’s parody of It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown was truly something to behold. While the rest of the episode was somewhat forgettable, striking out another iconic piece of Halloween lore was classic Simpsons humor.

Treehouse of Horror X (1999)

The Simpsons has been on the air for so long that it’s like a time capsule from when it first aired, and the “Treehouse” episodes weren’t immune to that either. User pishposhpoppycock couldn’t remember the number but wrote, “The one with Flanders as a werewolf hunting down the Simpsons family for running him over. »

Referring to “Treehouse of Horror X,” the user mentions an episode where the writers really took the pulse of the moment. Not only did they parody a blockbuster movie in I Know What You Did Last Summer, but they got the Y2K phenomenon wrong which was a major cultural moment. Even though the episode is middle of the road, it showed the writers were still on the ball.

Treehouse of Horror XI (2000)

Despite being among the best anthology episodes of The Simpsons, many fans have a beloved “Treehouse” episode for a subtle little moment that always makes them laugh. User Steve-Amy-Adam-Amy was one such person, commenting “XI is my favorite purely for the way Homer says, ‘Gloopid Gloropope’ with a pickaxe in the head. »

Along with this humorous moment, XI also features the Simpson family as The Munsters, which has disastrous results and a truly bizarre dolphin-themed nightmare. Relying less on the parody and more on the original, XI stands out because it puts the series’ story front and center as opposed to pop culture references.

Treehouse of Horror VIII (1997)

The first decade is generally considered to be the best seasons of The Simpsons, and the “Treehouse of Horror” episodes reflect that quality as well. User snappy2310 praised an episode overall saying “Season 9 VIII is the best overall episode IMO. »

With three incredibly strong segments, it’s safe to say that VIII is a true highlight of the series. Parodying two classic films, namely The Omega Man and The Fly, the episode then ends with a hilarious witch-hunt story pulled straight from the pages of history. From start to finish, VIII is one of the best-written “Treehouse” episodes of all.

Treehouse of Horror XXI (2010)

Although most fans are ready to completely cancel the last 20 seasons, some episodes stand out. User SubZero7201 praised a more recent episode saying “One of my favorites is ‘War and Pieces’ from THoH XXI. »

The episode brilliantly balances a subtle spoof of the Dead Calm movie with a Twilight nose-talker. Refusing to stay behind the times, the 21st “Treehouse of Horror” rode the wave of a pop culture phenomenon and was one of the few clever Twilight parodies to emerge from this era.

Treehouse of Horror XII (2001)

Even though “Treehouse of Horror XII” presented a parody of one of the highest-grossing film franchises of all time, its best segments fell entirely out of the writers’ minds. User PleasantSquare8583 praised the episode saying “Episode XII Hex and the City. Leprechaun kills me every time. »

Despite its name, the segment is not a parody of the hit HBO series and is actually an original story featuring Homer laying a deadly curse on the Simpson family. Returning to its roots, XII is a much simpler “Treehouse” episode that relies more on clever writing than grand spectacle.

Treehouse of Horror VII (1996)

Coming when the series was still in its glory days, VII features some of the best segments in “Treehouse of Horror” history. One deleted user had nothing but good things to say when he wrote, “Surprised to see no one mentioning ‘Citizen Kang’ from Season 8… This is a classic example of smart, poignant writing.” »

After delivering two chilling segments at the show’s peak, VII’s finale becomes a clever usurpation of America’s electoral system and is actually one of the scariest moments the show has ever delivered. Endlessly memorable, the evil alien Kang’s run for public office is a moment forever etched in the minds of die-hard Simpsons fans.

Treehouse of Horror (1990)

Not only did the first-ever “Treehouse of Horror” introduce the annual lore, it also introduced memorable villains Kang and Kodos. Archersarrows users went classic with their choice, saying “The very first Treehouse of Horror is still my favorite. »

Although the writers are still constructing the idea, the segment that parodies Poe’s poem “The Raven” was an absolute stroke of genius. Taking such a familiar piece of literature was a brilliant choice for the first episode and helped establish “Treehouse of Horror” as a lore, much like Poe’s classic works.

Horror Treehouse IV (1993)

It took a few tries to find the right formula, but by “Treehouse of Horror IV,” the annual tradition had really taken off. User ConvolutedUsername was definitive with his favorite, saying “I’d say my favorite was Treehouse of Horror IV, in which Homer gets his head turned into a doughnut by the devil. »

Digging deep for a spoof of the classic movie, The Devil and Daniel Webster, the episode also gave viewers one of its most memorable moments involving Mr. Burns as Dracula. Parodies are one thing, but the clever way in which recognizable Simpsons characters were incorporated was what set IV apart from the rest.

Treehouse of Horror V (1994)

Usually judged on their own as separate episodes, some “Treehouse” episodes top their class and are recognized as the best of the entire series. User LeftyAgitator practically exclaimed, saying “Treehouse V! It also included Time and Punishment, which is possibly my favorite Simpsons thing.”

If there’s one moment from the entire decades-long ‘Treehouse of Horror’ series that sticks in viewers’ minds, it’s the absolutely hilarious parody of The Shining in Episode V. See Homer slowly transform in a twisted version of Jack Torrance was humorous and on brand, and the smashing fourth-wall jokes made by Groundskeeper Willie are almost as quoted as the film itself.

The Simpsons: The 10 Best ‘Treehouse Of Horror’ Episodes, According To Reddit | Pretty Reel