The Unknown on TF1: the 6 best cinema parodies of the comic trio

Bernard Campan, Didier Bourdon and Pascal Légitimus are back on TF1 this evening in “Tous Inconnus”. On this occasion, back on their 6 best diversions!

In All Unknown, a new fiction broadcast this evening on TF1, Didier Bourdon, Pascal Légitimus and Bernard Campan are back on television, and find themselves immersed in a world where The Unknowns never existed. On this occasion, let’s come back to the best parodies and diversions of films or series made by the famous comic trio in the 90s.


In “Let’s go to the movies” – an excellent parody of the critics’ programs that dissected the classics of the big screen in the 90s – Bernard Campan plays a certain Jean-François Bigot, journalist at Releasewhile Didier Bourdon lends his features to the so-called Christian Béfort, of Cinema Drafts.

Obviously, for the Unknowns, this is the perfect opportunity to revisit the history of the seventh art in their own way. After a little diversion of burlesque comedies way Buster Keaton, the trio offers us… No begonias for the cellar. This parody of the films of Michel Audiard, carried in particular by an exceptional Didier Bourdon, deliciously appropriates the punchlines of the famous dialogist and connects the unforgettable replicas. To name just her: “By dint of searching the shit, you’ll end up with a suppository skull.”


What if Jean-Claude Van Damme had played the Viscount of Valmont in Dangerous Liaisons?

Shortly after the release of the feature film by Stephen Frears – worn by John Malkovich and Glenn Close, and adapted from the work of Choderlos de la Laclos – the Unknowns in turn slip into the dresses and laces of Renaissance aristocrats.

If the costumes and the decorations will certainly not disorient you, it is possible that the dialogues and the choreographies of this small scene diverge somewhat from the original work. We let you enjoy the result (above).


How can you pretend to parody TV from the 80s and 90s if you don’t dwell a bit on the Dorothee Club ? A true event of the time, which greatly contributed to the democratization of Asian series among the French public, this famous program also offered Unknowns one of their most famous diversions.

After a little Bernard Minet-style song interpreted by Didier Bourdon, the trio tackles the super sentai Bioman, taking up all the codes of the genre. A totally desert setting, a young girl in distress to save, ridiculous costumes, an even more ridiculous super-villain, horrible zooms and ultra kitsch choreography.


Les Inconnus twice parodied the universe of film critics, with the programs “Let’s go to the cinema” (mentioned above) and “Cinéma Cinémas”. In the latter, Bernard Campan and Didier Bourdon respectively play Henri Papier and Daniel Toscan Séplanté, “slightly” deformed versions of Henry Chapier and Daniel Toscan du Plantier.

On the show, the comedic trio deliver three hilarious sketches that parody three genres of cinema. There are Don’t wake the balls of a sleeping cop, the new Alain Delon. But also the French auteur film Doubtthird part of the triptych Love, Dereliction and Doubt. And then there is Thereza

The feature film Thereza, a black and white production, depicts a man who is mute to say the least (Pascal Légitimus) who only addresses his companion by calling out his first name. A Thereza who is much more talkative (try to read her diatribe in its entirety, it’s very funny!). Quite “shattering”, as Daniel Toscan Séplanté would say…


There are the Césars, the Oscars and… the bedsores! A film awards ceremony made in Les Inconnus which sees the comic trio having fun scratching the small world of French cinema.

In this “17th interminable night of the Escarres” presented by Bernard Campan, there is in particular the sequence designating the Best female hope (with a passage parodying the real blunder of Vanessa Paradis) and the extract from a film celebrated for its screenplay and his dialogues that will undoubtedly make you burst out laughing!

It should be noted that the Escarres trophy does not take the form of a statuette or a metal compression, but that… of a posterior! And that the Unknowns, a few years after this parody, will be truly rewarded by the Césars, with little resentment, for their comedy The Three Brothers, crowned Best first work in 1996.


We couldn’t finish this selection without mentioning the trailer for the new Sylvester Stallone (in the delirious world of the Unknowns, of course) after Rocky IV and Rambo III! The feature film in question? The unlikely Jesus II The Returnled by Didier Bourdon in the title role.

“Stallone in his first sensitive, moving role”in “the movie that shook America”, announces a cavernous voice-over as a teaser. Associating Jesus with one of the most famous big arms in Hollywood and his most iconic roles, it was daring, the Unknowns did it!

The Unknown on TF1: the 6 best cinema parodies of the comic trio