“The Visitor from the Future”: we must prevent the Apocalypse!

The adventure begins in 2555 in a devastated future, where the Earth’s environment and atmosphere have been severely damaged by a major nuclear disaster. A “Visitor” tries to cancel this disastrous fate by traveling in the past in order to push men to make more eco-responsible decisions. In doing so, he crosses paths with Gilbert Libert (Arnaud Ducret), an ambitious widower and his daughter Alice (Enya Baroux), very sensitive to environmental issues. But the man from the future is pursued by the Temporal Brigade who absolutely want to prevent him from carrying out his mission.

Successful “buddies project”

It is one of the great successes of French science fiction, with a series deployed over four seasons – which has generated 52 million views since its launch in 2009, but also a comic strip, a novel (The pack), manga and even a board game. Today, The visitor from the future appears on the big screen and the least we can say is that it is exported there with intact and joyful enthusiasm.

This elusive character, still played by the tireless Florent Dorin, is surrounded by the main actors revealed in the series: Raphaël Descraques (brother of), Ludovik, Slimane-Baptiste Berhoun, but also Vincent Tirel, Mathieu Poggi and Simon Astier. Assa Sylla, Lénie Cherino and Youtubers Mcfly and Carlito, a famous duo of French comedians, complete the cast of this new adventure developed thirteen years after the launch of the series on the web (see opposite). A series inspired, let’s remember, by the novel He is among us (He Walked Among Us) imagined by Norman Spinrad, published in 2003.

With visual references mixing Back to the Future, Star Wars, Mad Max, The Walking Dead and even Doctor Whoas much for the stories of combat and survival in a hostile universe as for the sets and costumes, the film feeds on this universe with impressive success, imagined and filmed by François Descraques, then extended via various media.

Parody, self-mockery and meta universe

If the DNA of the web series is respected to the letter but boosted by means unlike those of its beginnings (blast-furnace sets, action scenes, special effects), the film can be discovered independently of its paper or web versions because its fluid and spirited narration easily allows the public to jump on the bandwagon.

Combining the absurd, meta narration, moviegoer references and schoolboy jokes, François Descraques has managed to give life to an endearing universe where “dog steampunks” (sic) rather crazy people try to convince their interlocutors, even the most eminent ones, to take them seriously in order to save the planet.

Thanks to his small band of followers, to this tone combining absurdity, parody and self-mockery and to an unbridled imagination, François Descraques succeeds in the passage from the small to the big screen, helped by a very graphic universe which has nothing to envy to that of comics.

The visitor from the future Science fiction and parody By François Descraques Screenplay François Descraques With Florent Dorin, Arnaud Ducret, Enya Baroux, Raphaël Descraques, Slimane-Baptiste Berhoun, Assa Sylla Duration 1h42.


“The Visitor from the Future”: we must prevent the Apocalypse!