The winners of the Forte dei Marmi Satire Award 2022

Among the winners Luca and Paolo and the journalist Francesca Fagnani for the talk “Belve”. How to participate in the ceremony of 17 September at the Capannina

FORTE DEI MARMI – The names of the winners of the 2022 edition of the International Political Satire Award, which it celebrates this year, have been announced half century. The prize consists of a blue satyr with sharp nails drawn by
Altan: a satyr who does not take himself seriously at all, a garrison of freedom in recent years “certainly not happy with this language” explain the organizers.

The prizes were awarded by a jury composed of the director of the event Beppe Cottafavi and Stefano Andreoli, Giulio D’Antona and Fabio Genovesi. The delivery of the awards is scheduled for Saturday 17 September at 6 pm at the Capannina di Franceschi, with the conduction entrusted to the actress, director and satirical author Michela Andreozzi. Admission is free but reservations are recommended by contacting the Tourist Information Office of Forte dei Marmi, via Carducci 6, tel. 0584 280292. Below the names of the winners with their motivations.


Satire Award for Journalism to FRANCESCA FAGNANI

Style is everything. For the satirical journalism of Francesca Fagnani. She is direct, biting, ironic, shrewd, bold and quick. Without whims or prejudices. A ferocious beast with angelic eyes. The point is that she knows evil, a fundamental ingredient of satire, and she knows how to tell it. Because you have a doctorate in Dante’s philology. Her cult interviews resemble a boxing match. Her battleground is a ring, within which she moves with elegance, bewitching her opponent until she strikes the final blow. Becoming – unthinkable for a talk show – viral even among the very young: on TikTok the hashtag #Beasts has millions and millions of views.

Satire Award for the book The reunion Feltrinelli to PIETRO GALEOTTI

In this survival manual there are rules that apply to almost any type of meeting.

A testimony of the painful lightness of a television author who tells his job in an ironic and ferocious memoir, populated by characters poised between enthusiasm and resignation: “Let’s resist as much as possible, they pay us a lot for humiliation”.

Anecdotes, stories of flops and successes, of incomprehensible choices of management and the public.

Meanwhile, the meeting continues.

Satire Award for the stand up to ELEAZARO ROSSI

Eleazaro, more than any other stand-up comedian of his generation, was able to make the fundamentals of the genre his own, elevating them to a higher level and making them accessible to all.

Anyone can find themselves in one of his monologues, without the need to identify too much and without the need to imagine himself elsewhere. That’s everything a comedian should be: direct, brutal, sincere. Never banal, never predictable, never expected. Amazing, without forcing your hand. He managed to remain himself even a Hyenas, without being engulfed by the fast pace of the transmission. A surprise.


Vazzanikki are proudly out of time, anchored to a moment, a fashion, a music and a taste that no longer exist. They are nonsense done in bands and freshness done in music, ranging from virtuosity to nonsense, up to the parody of social commitment. Unpretentious but also without too many regrets, if not that of Rock’n’Roll: the very concept of comedian applied to music.


In two seasons, Cashmereembodied something very similar to the voice of a generation: that of the newfound stand-up comedy and the void caused by two years of uncertainty and closures. Ferrario and Ravenna, together with Cecilia Attanasio, Alice Olivieri, Tahir Hussain and Carmelo Advanced, rode the new vehicles and tamed them, giving Italy its first, true, mature, comic podcast.

Satire Award for social media at the ETEROBASICS

There are those who recognize themselves in their jokes, for having said them at least once in their life, and those who lie. Maria Chiara Cicolani and Valeria De Angelisi, the creators of the Eterobasiche profile (almost 200 thousand followers on Instagram, one philosopher, the other designer), interpret the thousand shades of the heterobasic male with irony and lightness, deconstructing gender stereotypes with a laugh. From the padel court to the traffic of the Raccordo, from the shopping center to the North curve, it is a portrait of the average man who is ruthless and bleak, but also irresistibly funny. The proof of their success is that many followers are heterobasic males who, instead of haters, love them. And their girlfriends as well. Because deep down, there is a little heterobasic male in each of us. Men and women. We might as well laugh about it.

Satire Award for the live show and for the book to ALESSANDRO GORI

Confessions of a swinger couple to their dying son: the title of his latest book by Rizzoli Lizard would be enough to tell the world of Alessandro Gori, who handles the grotesque with the grace of a harp player, mixing topical references to a timeless pop imagery made of home delivery of frozen foods , of broadcasts by Daniele Piombi, of discount snacks. A very high comic syntax, precise in the smallest details, which is enhanced in its live shows. Professor Claudio Giunta, preclaro philologist (Satire Award 2015) defined him as “The best Italian comic writer”: we can only agree with him.

Satire Award for illustration and animation to CARTONI DEAD

In times when language, speed and timing are everything, Andrea Lorenzon’s animated satire has stood out for years for its ability to always be on the spot, telling current events and customs with a quality and liveliness appreciated by millions of followers. Handyman, he writes, animates and double his “Dead Cartoons” all by himself, without holding back even when it comes to diving into the sea of ​​politics and competing with those who, by now, make people laugh professionally.

Satire Award for TV to LUCA E PAOLO

From Mtv to Sanremo, from Hyenas to Café roomfrom Ciro – Target’s son to the covers of Tuesday, the satire of Luke and Paul has crossed the last quarter of a century always remaining true to itself: they have made fun of everything and everyone, keeping away from the dominant thought and never trying to sit on the side of the “good ones”. In the trajectory of the careers of artists and intellectuals (brilliant promises, usual assholes, revered masters) they have settled on the central step, and they seem to find themselves very well there. So much so that one of their most successful masks is that of the shit cousins, always ready to demolish the vip on duty: a perfect – and premonitory – metaphor of social networks, which do not forgive either successes or failures.

International Satire Award to IVAN URGANT

In the last, spooky days of 2020, forced into the house by the lockdown, we expected everything but to find ourselves laughing out loud at a show by a Russian comedian. Instead, Ivan Urgant’s crazy idea of ​​celebrating the New Year with the style of the scollacciati varieties of Italy in the Eighties (and of doing it in Italian, translating sketches and songs) proved to be a success: Hello 2020 And Hello 2021 they are masterpieces of irony to see and review, full of quotes and touches of class. Unfortunately, thanks to a tweet against the war in Ukraine, the Urgant show has disappeared from the schedules: we hope to see it again soon, possibly in peacetime.

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The winners of the Forte dei Marmi Satire Award 2022