This is the American Space Army anthem and it’s ridiculous, again…

News hardware This is the American Space Army anthem and it’s ridiculous, again…

The US Space Force, created by Donald Trump, never ceases to surprise with the staging worthy of the series of the same name. Even to the point of wondering if it is not a parody, if only billions of dollars were not at stake.

US Space Force struggles to find credibility

Created in 2019, the US Space Force, an army of space, has great difficulty in finding credibility. Especially since from the beginning, each ad is quickly ridiculed. To better describe the missions of this new body of the American army, here is their own definition:

The U.S. Space Force is a military service that organizes, trains, and equips space forces to protect U.S. and allied interests in space and provide space capabilities to the joint force. USSF responsibilities include the development of Guardians, the acquisition of military space systems, the maturation of military doctrine for space power, and the organization of space forces to present to our combatant commands.

If you think this is a movie synopsis, it’s not. What they call the “Guardians”, this is the name of the soldiers engaged in this special force. The parallel with Guardians of the Galaxy was obviously done fairly quickly. We can also read in the description “a name chosen by space professionals, for space professionals”.

An American hymn as cliché as possible

The anthem named “Semper Supra” has been released and the reviews are quite unfavorable. But before detailing the problems raised by Internet users, do not hesitate to listen to it to form your own opinion:

Lyrically it’s almost a parody, which could appear in the Space Force series. The anthem lasts 30 seconds and consists of a repeating refrain:

We are the mighty watchful eye, Guardians beyond the blue, The invisible front line, Brave and faithful fighters. Reaching boldly into space, There is no limit to our skies, Standing watch day and night, We are the Space Force above.

If you want a concentrate of shots in American mode, here is the perfect caricature. To go to the end, there is also a behind-the-scenes video of the creation of this anthem. Everything is so serious and the result so parodic that it makes the song even more laughable.

Difficult to see the concrete missions of this body of the American army. This plays strongly against him. Especially since for the moment the only concrete actions are only communication. Between the references to Star Trek, the Guardians of the Galaxy and now the ultra patriotic hymn with lyrics straight out of a parody, it is impossible to form a serious opinion.

We are in the era of communication on social networks and the American Government has understood this well. The problem is that the communication campaign is probably made by people who are not on social networks. This is the case for the name “Guardians” which is chosen by space professionals, for space professionals.

Concretely, one can wonder how to make such a communication error, with a $24.5 billion budgetor half of the total French defense budget.

This is the American Space Army anthem and it’s ridiculous, again…