Three men and a ghost: trailer and previews of the film of I Tell You (In cinemas from November 24)

From November 24 in cinemas with Minerva Pictures Group and Volcano Pictures, Three men and a ghostthe new film by Francesco De Fraia, Domenico Manfredi and Raffaele Ferrante aka “I Ditelo Voi”.

Three men and a ghost – Plot and cast

The official plot: Mimmo (Domenico Manfredi) is 50 years old and has an incurable obsession for game shows. When, resorting to very unorthodox ways, he manages to win an “all inclusive” weekend in a luxurious 18th century villa, he convinces his unsuspecting lifelong friends, Lello (Raffaele Ferrante) and Francesco (Francesco De Fraia), to accompany him . What none of the three can imagine, however, is that the villa is not at all the glitzy resort they expected, but a dark receptacle of tension and unexplained events stirred by the evil ghost of a little girl (Artemisia Levita) in search of revenge and bent on to torment the three very unlucky friends, making their vacation a real nightmare!

The cast of “Three men and a ghost” also includes Roberta Spagnuolo, Pasqualina Sanna and with the participation of Vincenzo De Lucia.

Three men and a ghost – Trailer and video

Trivia about the movie

  • The film is written by Francesco De Fraia, Domenico Manfredi, Raffaele Ferrante and Francesco Prisco.
  • The film benefited from the photography of Roberto Ostuni, the editing of Davide Franco, the sets of Violante Lamberti and the costumes of Annalisa Ciaramella.
  • The film is produced by Gaetano Di Vaia and Giovanna Crispino of Bronx Film and Partenope Pictures Entertainment, Gianluca Curti of Minerva Pictures Group, Eduardo Angeloni of An.Tra.Cine and distributed by Gianluca Curti of Minerva Pictures Group and Nicola Grispello of Volcano Pictures.

Three men and a ghost – Director’s notes


“Three men and a ghost” was born from the bet – won – to bring to the theater a show capable of entertaining and, at the same time, using techniques that we would dare to define as “rudimentary”, frighten the spectator in the audience. After the remarkable success for the theatrical comedy, the idea of ​​making a film that preserved its spirit and fusion of genres blossomed spontaneously, immediately meeting the interest of an inspired producer like Gaetano Di Vaio. Mixing techniques and experimenting with genres has always been one of the prerogatives of our work. “Three men and a ghost” has allowed us to continue this expressive research, expanding it with Pop entertainment cinema and our never-said passion for the Horror genre. In addition to making use of a writing that preserves the stylistic features of the more classic comedy of misunderstandings, dotting it with moments capable of making the viewer jump out of his seat, the film relies on the fundamental contribution of three absolute protagonists, close-knit and tested travel companions for the past 25 years old, capable of restoring explosive comedy and the right likelihood to the characters they play. [I DITELO VOI]

I Ditelo Voi – Biographical notes


  • They met in 1995. Their name was born by chance, from a dispute over who had to decide it: each wanted the other to say it, so it was decided Tell yourself.
  • They begin in 1997-98, broadcast in Campania with TeleGaribaldi, then the program “Avanzi Popolo” (1999) on TeleNapoli. In this transmission, among other things, they interpret the fake telenovela Orip Orap, which in 2000 will become an independent transmission, on the same television station.
  • In 1999 they worked at the Chanson, a well-known venue for the Roman cabaret theatre. For some time they worked for comedy broadcasts for the regional broadcasters of Lazio.
  • In 2002 they participated in the transmission of Gianni Morandi “Uno di noi”, and in 2004 in the latest edition of Super Ciro.
  • In 2004 they are protagonists of the film “Ventitre”.
  • In 2008 the theatrical show “Triccheballacche” was released, author Gianluca Ansanelli, referring to the Italian national catchphrase of 2006.
  • They are present in the programs Colorado Cafe on Italia 1, e tribe on Rai 2, as well as the radio program Hair and counter hair, on Radio Kiss Kiss. In 2012, a new sitcom entitled Gomorroide was released on youtube, a parody of the film Gomorrah.
  • Since 2013 they have been participating in Made in South on Rai 2 (with the sitcom Gomorroide), a Colorado on Italia 1 and they get a part in the film A boss in the living room as witnesses in court.
  • In 2015 they appear in the film Santa Claus is not from the North by Maurice Casagrande.
  • In 2017 they are directors and actors in the film Gomorrhoid.
  • In 2021 they become part of the comedy cast of Honolulu.

Three men and a ghost – The soundtrack


The original music of the film is by the composer Giordano Corapi. After training in the study of the electric bass, Corapi graduated in Composition at the Saint Louis College of Music under the guidance of Maestro Gianluca Podio; in the following 2 years as a pupil of Maestro Podio and Maestro Ferdinando Nazzaro he specialized in Film Music. In the cinema he creates the music for several films including “Take Five” by Guido Lombardi (nomination for the David di Donatello and the 2015 Silver Ribbon; he wins the Ciak d’Oro 2015 and the Colonne award for the best soundtrack sound 2014). Again for Lombardi he created the music for the films “The Thief of Days” and “La Bas” (winner of the Lion of the Future – best first film – De Laurentiis Award – Venice Film Festival 2011). “L’amore a casa” and “Sulla Strada di casa” by Emiliano Corapi (with which he won the 2012 Roma Videoclip Award as best emerging composer) “Tito e gli alieni” by Paola Randi with Valerio Mastandrea, “Bob & Marys – Criminals at home” by Francesco Prisco, with Rocco Papaleo and Laura Morante, “The legend of Bob Wind” by Dario Baldi (with Corrado Fortuna, Ivan Franek, Lavinia Longhi), “Gomorroide” by Francesco Prisco and Ditelo Voi.

Three men and a ghost – Photos and posters

Three men and a ghost: trailer and previews of the film of I Tell You (In cinemas from November 24)