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Tim Allen reveals he’s still actively involved in talks about a possible Galaxy Quest 2, despite the tragic loss of Alan Rickman in 2016.

While it’s been over 23 years since Galaxy Quest was first released, the film’s star, Tim Allen, reveals that talk of a possible Galaxy Quest 2 is still ongoing. A parody of Star Trek and similar sci-fi fandoms, the 1999 comedy release starred Allen, Sigourney Weaver and Alan Rickman as the cast of a popular TV series mistaken for a documentary by a race of aliens seeking their help. . Over the years since its original theatrical release, the film has become a cult classic, acclaimed not only by critics and audiences, but even by several stars of the Star Trek franchise itself.

While talk of a possible sequel to Galaxy Quest has been swirling around since the release of the first film, one has never been able to come to fruition. In an interview Allen conducted with ComicBook.com, however, the actor admits he’s still discussing the possibility of a sequel with his co-workers and doesn’t know why it hasn’t already happened. He also talks about a previous screenplay project starring the late Rickman. Check out his full comments below:

Constantly, this crew and everyone else with Galaxy Quest has been fighting to do this “moments later” when the Thermians return. We literally just talked about it yesterday, a bunch of us here, and we don’t know why [it hasn’t happened]. There was a storyline and our friend Alan Rickman died, so that storyline involving him and me in the whole story is gone. The story itself was so clever and so fun. I love this crew and love everything about Galaxy Quest.

Is Galaxy Quest 2 even a good idea?

Given its cult status and star-studded cast, most fans would have thought a Galaxy Quest 2 was all but inevitable. While more than two decades have passed since the first film was released, Allen rekindled serious interest in the project in 2014 when he first spoke about a script being developed for a second film. Shortly after, a possible Galaxy Quest TV series was also announced to be in development. More recently, Star Trek actor Simon Pegg has also been linked with a possible sequel to the series, but he played down his involvement in the project, which he described as “a little premature” to talk about. .

The question many fans will ask, however, is if a sequel could possibly hope to recapture the magic of the original film. Hollywood is full of less than stellar follow-ups to much-loved films, and any attempt to create a Galaxy Quest 2 will have to prove capable of both honoring and promoting the enormous legacy of its predecessor. It’s a task that can be difficult at the best of times, but now any sequel project will also have to deal with Rickman’s absence.

A true screen giant, Rickman’s dry wit and down-to-earth delivery went a long way in making the original Galaxy Quest a fan favorite. While it’s still possible for a sequel to move forward without him, it would be a massive hurdle for any follow-up to overcome. However, only time will tell if Allen and the other Galaxy Quest cast will be able to return in a second outing.

Tim Allen confirms Galaxy Quest 2 talks are still ongoing | Pretty Reel