To Quelli che il calcio comes the parody of Serena Bortone

The folded hands, the printed smile, the expressions and even the vocal timbre. There is everything in the parody of Serena Bortone made by Barbara Foria in the episode of Those who football broadcast today 10 January 2021. She introduces herself as the host of a broadcast (just happened to be called Today is another day, ed) full of guests and to go to “dig deep inside“And pull out”emotion, emotion, emotion, tears and sobs that are good for the Odes“.

The always sunny expression, however, hides a more biting and even ironically cheeky side that is underlined in a pseudo-interview between ‘Bortone’ and Luca Bizzarri. With the complicity of him, during the exchange of words, here are some of the lines of the sketch as “My love” And “It was you who wanted to do this interview” And “If you want we can finish it here“. Phrases that inevitably bring back to her memory the episode a little less than a month ago, when the real presenter and her guest Vittoria Schisano had a moment of tension due to a film that was not liked by the actress.

Details that make the parody (available on Rai Play) hilarious and successful.

To Quelli che il calcio comes the parody of Serena Bortone

Luca Bizzarri, Paolo Kessisoglu and Mia Ceran they returned last January 6 after the Christmas break for the resumption of Those who football which, we recall, this year has reached its twenty-eighth edition. Among the novelties that this year are characterizing the cast of comedians composed of Ubaldo Pantani, Brenda Lodigiani, Enzo Paci and Toni Bonji is the arrival of the actress and radio speaker of RTL 102.5 Barbara Foria.

TvBlog is able to anticipate one of the moments you will see in tomorrow’s appointment, Sunday 10 January 2021, when Foria will set up a parody from Serena Bortonethe journalist who from this year is one of the faces of the afternoon daytime of Rai 1 in the conduct of Today is another day. It should be emphasized that for Bortone it will be a first time, in fact this will be the first parody dedicated to her since she has been conducting a TV program (including Agora).

For what concern context in which we will see the sketch everything is still to be seen, the certainty is this we are making you aware of. The appointment with the parody of Serena Bortone is for tomorrow in the ninth episode of QCC.

Those that football, when Barbara Foria was the ‘spokesperson’ for mothers raised up

Of Barbara Foria we have already talked about its debut in the first episode of Those who football last November 1, 2020. On that occasion, the comic actress turned into an unlikely ‘spokesperson’ for the army of mothers who were protesting in front of Palazzo Chigi for the closure of schools.

The sketch aired at a time when the Governor of CampaniaVincenzo de Luca, had once again been talked about for the statements against the press that gave word to the “mammina, with a leopard-print mask, with a laughing and fleeting gaze”Who told of her daughter who was saddened because she wanted to go to school to learn to write.

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