Tonight on TV on Sunday 20 March 2022, the programs on the air

On Raiuno, the fiction Noi, with Aurora Ruffino, Lino Guanciale. On Canale 5, the variety show The record show, with Gerry Scotti.

Tonight on TV on Sunday 20 March 2022. Up Raitrethe talk show What’s the weather likewith Fabio Fazio And Luciana Littizzetto. On La7current events with It is not The Arenawith Massimo Giletti.

Tonight on TV Sunday 20 March 2022, Rai

On Raiunoat 21.25, the fiction We. Two episodes. The first is entitled, Siblings. Thanks to an old friend who invites her to an audition, Rebecca (Aurora Ruffino) has the opportunity to sing again, but Peter (Linen Pillow) seems to suffer from this decision; other unresolved issues in the family, however, come to light during a soccer match of the boys.

To follow, the second episode, Good Christmas. Christmas at Daniele’s home is a special day, full of traditions. This year then at the dinner, in addition to the whole family, there will also be Mimmo and Chiara, Claudio’s new “almost girlfriend”. The only absent seems to be Teo, with whom Cate took a break. The atmosphere does not heat up, on the contrary: ancient tensions resurface to the point of causing a family crisis.

On Raitreat 20.00, the talk show What’s the weather like. While the war in Ukraine continues to worry Italians, Luciana Littizzetto look for the best way to play down. Like when, shortly after the Russian invasion, she turned to the Creator with a letter that began like this: “Stop Putin. Or talk to his guardian angel“.

Mediaset programs

On Network 4at 21.20, the news with White Zone. Also tonight the program conducted by Giuseppe Brindisi offers a summary of the highlights of the week, sadly dominated by shocking images from Ukraine. With his gentle style, the host consults the guests and tries to answer the questions of the viewers.

On Channel 5at 21.20, the variety The record show. In the new edition, of which the third episode is broadcast today, the spectacular outdoor tests are carried out at the Monza racetrack and certified by Alan Pixsley, judge of the Guinness. In the Cologno Monzese studio, on the other hand, Gerry Scotti is flanked by Lorenzo Veltri And Sofia Greenacre.

La7, Tv8, Nine

On La7at 9.15 pm, the news with It is not The Arena. Exclusive services, vehement monologues, face to face with the protagonists of current events. Each appointment with Massimo Giletti always reserves some twist. In the foreground, the tragedy that is unfolding in Ukraine.

On Tv8at 21.30, Motoring: F1 Bahrain GP. The first race of the 2022 World Championship will be delayed from the Manama circuit, which includes 22 Grand Prix and will end on 20 November next in Abu Dhabi. The fans of the Ferrari aim at Charles Leclerc And Carlos Sainz.

On Nineat 9.15 pm, the variety Stand Up! Comedians on trial. Rehearsals continue for the 10 aspiring comedians under the watchful eye of five professional teachers. Also tonight we see in action among others Alessandro Cecchi Paone, Giampiero Mughini, Jill Cooper, Awed And Giulia Salemi.

The films this evening on Sunday 20 March 2022

On Rai Movieat 9.10 pm, the 2002 comedy film, by Dominick Tambasco, Born tiredwith Valentino Picone, Except Ficarra. Salvo and Valentino, two young and lazy unemployed people from Palermo, try in every way to delay the moment to enter the “very heavy“World of work.

On Italy 1at 9.20pm, the 2011 spy film, by Brad Bird, Mission: Impossible – Phantom protocolwith Tom Cruise, Paula Patton. Unjustly accused of causing an explosion that nearly destroyed the Kremlin, Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) and his team are dumped by the US government. Deprived of all resources, Hunt looks for a way to redeem himself, together with William Brandt (Jeremy Renner), IMF analyst.

On 20 Mediasetat 9.00 pm, the 2001 action film, by Brett Ratner, Big shot at the Dragon Redwith Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker. Detective Carter and Inspector Lee are on vacation in Hong Kong. But soon they find themselves embroiled in a series of murders and in a large traffic of counterfeit banknotes.

On Irisat 9.00 pm, the 2005 drama film, by Niki Caro, North Country – Josey’s Storywith Charlize Theron. Minnesota. Separated from her husband and with two children to support, Josey agrees to work in an iron mine. But her colleagues see women as intruders.

On Cine34at 9.00 pm, the 1986 comedy film, by Luca Verdone, 7 kilos in 7 dayswith Renato Pozzetto, Carlo Verdone. Silvano and Alfio, graduates in medicine, open a clinic for people who have to lose weight. But their exasperated methods will lead patients to seek revenge.

Tonight on TV on Sunday 20 March 2022, the films on Sky

On Sky Cinema Oneat 18.50, the fantastic film of 2007, by Michael Bay, Transformerswith Megan Fox, Shia LaBeouf. Earth is the scene of the final battle between two races of robots: the good Autobots and the evil Decepticons. The young Sam and the beautiful Mikaela remain involved in the conflict.

On Sky Cinema Dueat 9.15 pm, the biopic of 2021, by Mario Martone, Here I laughwith Toni Servillo, Christian Dell’Anna. Naples, early twentieth century. The actor and playwright Eduardo Foot pocketat the peak of his career, he made the parody of “Iorio’s daughter” from Gabriel D’Annunzio. The latter denounces him for plagiarism.

On Sky Cinema Familyat 21.00, the fantastic film of 1995, by Brad Silberling, Casperwith Cristina Ricci, Bill Pullman, Eric Idle. Dr. Harvey, a scientist, is commissioned to free a castle from some supernatural presences. His daughter Kathy, however, befriends the cute little ghost Casper.

On Sky Cinema Actionat 21.00, the fantastic film of 2021, by Simon McQuoid, Mortal Kombatwith Lewis Tan. Cole, an accomplished martial artist and unsuspecting descendant of an ancient ninja clan, is hunted by Outworld warrior Sub-Zero. He will thus find himself involved in a great battle for the universe.

Tonight on TV on Sunday 20 March 2022, the programs on the air