Tonight on tv: “School of Mafia” with Nino Frassica on Rai 2

On Rai 2 School of Mafia, the comedy starring Nino Frassica, produced by Rodeo Drive with Rai Cinema and directed by Alessandro Pondi (A Whole Other Life) in his third feature film. “School of Mafia” is a black-comedy that plays with the stereotypes of the so-called “mob” genre, with a nod to classics such as Those good guys And The Godfatherbut playing on the edge of parody, in the wake of films like The boss and the freshman, Mickey blue eyes and the most recent Things Our Underworld.

School of Mafia – Cast and characters

Giuseppe Maggio: Nick Di Maggio
Guglielmo Poggi: Joe Cavallo
Michele Ragno: Tony Masseria
Emilio Solfrizzi: Donato Cavallo
Fabrizio Ferracane: First Of May
Paolo Calabresi: Vito Masseria
Maurizio Lombardi: Except Swiss
Nino Frassica: Don Turi ‘u Appicciaturi
Gianfranco Gallo: Don Masino Mazzarò
Paola Minaccioni: Carmela
Giulio Corso: Tano Beddafazza
Giulia Petrungaro: Rosalia Mazzarò
Mario Pupella: Mr. Panebianco
Monica Vallerini: Anchor Woman
Tony Sperandeo: Frankie Ghost
Paola Lavini: curvy woman
Tiziana Schiavarelli: Connie
Fabrizio Buompastore: delicatessen
Massimiliano Caiazzo: Turi as a boy

School of Mafia – Plot and trailer

The plot of “School of Mafia” unfolds between sprawling New York and a suggestive Sicily that evokes the rural one of The Godfather Part II, beautifully immortalized by cinematographer Vladan Radovic (The traitor, the trilogy I stop when I want). In the Big Apple we meet three young men: Nick the musician, Joe the future police officer and Tony the dance teacher who at first glance seem like three young people who are committed to pursuing their aspirations, but who actually have three surnames. quite high-sounding in the organized crime scene: Nick Di Maggio Joe Cavallo and Tony Masseria; the three are sons of as many Italian-American bosses played by Emilio Solfrizzi, Paolo Calabresi and Fabrizio Ferracane who desperately decide to run for cover to have heirs in the “family” worthy of the name. And here comes the Don Turi ‘u Appicciaturi by Nino Frassica, a godfather of the old school who will have the task of training them and making them first of the faithful “picciotti” and then worthy heirs of the business of their respective fathers who share the illegal trafficking of New York. Nick, Joe and Tony will thus be kidnapped and taken to Sicily, where Don Turi will shape them by routing them on the path of organized crime, through a hard path that will become a path of personal growth that will allow the three to define themselves and understand what they are and what they are. they can become.

Curiosities about the film

  • The team that supported Pondi behind the scenes included editor Marco Spoletini (Dogman), production designer Marcello Di Carlo (Il Regno, In guerra e per amore) and costume designer Sabrina Spissu (The Sicilian rebel).
  • The “Sicilian” sector of the cast boasts the presence of a beloved well-known face in television and cinema, the Palermo Tony Sperandeo (Frankie Ghost) memorable Gaetano Badalamenti in the film I Cento Passi; of the Neapolitan actor Gianfranco Gallo (Don Masino Mazzarò) well-known face of the TV series Gomorrah in which he played Giuseppe Avitabile and the Trapani actor Mario Pupella (Mimmo Panebianco), Don Mimì in The Hank and Don Salvo in The Sicilian rebel.

Who is Alessandro Pondi?


The director of “School of Mafia” is Alessandro Pondi in his third feature film later Who saw me (2017) with Pierfrancesco Favino and Beppe Fiorello e A whole other life (2019) with Enrico Brignano and Paola Minaccioni. Pondi was born in Ravenna on January 20, 1972 and has lived in Rome for over twenty years. He made his debut in 1997 with the novel “Angels do not eat hamburger” and subsequently began writing for television and cinema alongside his two great masters: Luciano Vincenzoni and Tonino Guerra. Since 1999 he has been collecting as a screenwriter a series of television hits (Compagni di scuola, L’oro di Scampia, A testa alta, The ghosts of Portopalo, Il commissario Manara). For the cinema he signs both auteur films such as K the bandit by Martin Donovan, My Dad by Giulio Base e Copperman by Eros Puglielli, who sentimental comedies such as Poli Opposti by Max Croci and blockbuster commercial films such as Christmas in Beverly Hills And Christmas in South Africa by Neri Parenti, with whom he won two gold tickets, with a total box office gross of 40 million euros.

School of Mafia – The soundtrack


  • The original music of the film is by Cris Ciampoli who returns to collaborate with Pondi after having made music A whole Other Life. Ciampoli’s western-hued score is supported by the talented trumpet player Michele Lotito and from the voice of Chiara Ciampoli who also contributes to the soundtrack as an instrumentalist. The music and songs were entirely written, arranged, recorded, mixed, mastered and played by the composer in his private CosmicLove records studio.


1. Ciamberrina Tangerrina 1:42
2. School of Mafia Theme 2:08
3. Italian Standoff 1:16
4. Face to face 0:56
5. Call it Love 2:03
6. X Done 0:20
7. Hastering 2:49
8. West Coast 3:21
9. Western Ape 1:31
10. Botta Blues 0:19
11. Escape on Foot 0:53
12. We can talk about it 1:52
13. With dick in hand (Black Ballad) 1:10
14. Don Masino da Turi 0:45
15. Why Not Now 3:35
16. She Lays (Instrumental) (Instrumental) 3:07
17. We’re going to get it back 2:08
18. The Escape 2:16
19. The One 0:58
20. By Bike 1:28
21. Now who is the face of Shit? 1:15
22. Take a Long Time 2:24
23. NY Running 0:26
24. The Compass 0:25

The “School of Mafia” soundtrack is available at Amazon.

Tonight on tv: “School of Mafia” with Nino Frassica on Rai 2