Valeria Graci and Katia Follesa, why did they fight? / “We left and …”

Valeria Graci, who she is: career, imitations and private life

At the next appointment with the new program Nudes for life, led by Mara Maionchi, he will also take part Valeria Graci. The theatrical actress and talented imitator spoke about her current and future commitments in an extensive interview released for the online magazine In the course of the conversation, she elaborated on her satisfaction with her television role in the program Quelle brave donne. The actress said she was surprised by the success of the talk show, according to her, shown by the increasingly convinced participation of numerous well-known faces. Despite her initial difficulties, she said that she worked particularly on her role in the program trying to improve further. On the things that could be improved, she expressed herself in a decidedly positive and optimistic way, stating that she is always ready to find new solutions to give vigor to the program and entertainment. Dwelling on her role, she added that she herself often makes herself the protagonist of faux pas and mistakes that she always faces with a smile.

As for the changes and news related to his role, he declared that he will continue to be the ironic voice to play down delicate topics in order to lighten the issues and stories proposed to the spectators. Furthermore. to the specific question regarding his contribution to Striscia la Notizia, he confirmed his participation for the new season which will start this September. In addition to her iconic imitations of Virginia Raggi and Barbara d’Urso, she said she was ready to experience the parody of new characters from the world of TV and beyond. Valeria is not currently engaged from a sentimental point of view. She has long since ended her marriage to Simon Russo, with whom she also had a son.

Valeria Graci and Katia Follesa, why did they fight? The reasons

Valeria Graci And Katia Follesa they have been fighting for some time. Fans have long wondered what happened between them and why the relationship had cracked. Interviewed by Luca Casadei’s One More Time podcast, Valeria Graci explained what happened between them to push them to follow solo careers. Valeria has a good memory of Katia Follesa but she explained some interference that caused a break in their relationship. Their comic duo was born a little by chance. Katia was a fan of Valeria and, after seeing some of her performances, she proposed to collaborate. It all went well until 2012, when they said goodbye. Valeria said that at the time she became pregnant with her, the agency she ran for her didn’t make her work.

Graci had not felt understood by her friend Katia Follesa: “It wasn’t fair. It was an unfairness. If we are a duo, we do things together. I was pregnant and didn’t want to get mad, so I let it go. In a delicate moment I would have needed Katia. That she was there for me but it wasn’t like that. We haven’t seen or heard from each other for a long time. Later we were able to clarify ourselves but it was too late ”. Valeria Graci continued her solo career but it wasn’t easy: “Put the interference, that we were naive and that maybe one trusts more than a third person says. That us is over. Seeing her on stage with someone else hurts a little. I am able to forgive but I don’t forget. However, I am proud to have rebuilt a solo career in a difficult moment ”.


Valeria Graci and Katia Follesa, why did they fight? / “We left and …”