Vialli and Mancini’s Sampdoria wins in Turin: presented at the Turin Film Festival The summer season

A film that tells a great story of sporting epic but, above all, of a group characterized by the friendship between its members, by the desire to have fun and give joy to a president who was like a father. The warm season will be in Italian cinemas on 28, 29 and 30 November, and on 1 December, distributed by 01 Distribution.

He told Vincenzo Mollicaat the opening ceremony of the Turin Film Festivalthat he was once chosen by Rai as a correspondent for the World Cup precisely because he knew nothing about football.
This also means that to appreciate the narrative and the epic that football, and sport in general, guarantee you don’t have to be an expert.
He explained it to us recently A teamand now confirms it The beautiful seasonthe beautiful documentary presented right at the TF extension which, directed by Mark Pontthetells of that couple of extraordinary years of Sampdoria which in the 1990/1991 season won the Scudetto, and which in the following one came close to the Champions Cup.
Samp desired by the president Pilgrimscoached by Boscovthe couple’s Sampdoria Vialli-Mancinibut also of Cerezo, Vierchowod, Lombard, Mannini, Dossena and all the others.

As well as A team it didn’t limit itself to recounting the sporting feat, in that case of the Italian national tennis team that won Davis in 1976, but focused on the personal dynamics between Panatta, Bertolucci, Barazzutti, Zugarelli and Pietrangeli, adding to the whole a historical and political picture of great importance, nonetheless The beautiful season is not only the story of a couple of sportingly memorable seasons, and of an extraordinary football team: it is first of all, deliberately, the story of a great sports epic, and how those results came as a result of a deep, sincere, amused human bond. Of a respect and a friendship that are, of course, first of all, those that pass between Luca Vialli and Roberto Mancini but which concern all the other members of that team, and which have been confirmed, with the same great results on the pitch, also in Italy’s victory at the European Championships. The Italy of Mancini, yes, but of Mancini who had wanted many of his former Dorian comrades close to him.
Viali in the first place.
Here then The beautiful season and also a patchwork of anecdotal at times irresistible (like when Vialli tells of his arriving late for training managing to avoid the fines of the very strict Boskov thanks to the cover covered by the warehouseman, who also prepared tea with Snowdrops, his favorite biscuits) and a portrait of people, rather than characters, which carries with it a great deal of humanity. An example, in this sense, are the few but sincere and humble statements by Giulio Nuciari, second goalkeeper of that Sampdoria after the Pagliuca gate, almost unused on the pitch but an integral part of a group and a spirit.

It was the same protagonists of that adventure who, with the director of the film Marco Ponti, underlined these aspects, far more important than their successes, because without that human bond the Scudetto would never have arrived.
“I hope this film is useful for today’s kids,” said Roberto Mancini, “because it’s about something that goes beyond victory, it’s a story of friendship”. A film, continued the coach of the Azzurri, which was possible “because we are friends today as we were thirty years ago, and we embarked on this enterprise for the love we had and have for each other” .
Mancini, like all his teammates present in Turin to present the film, underlined how that group and that story were possible thanks to “a man who was more than a father, and who we were all united in trying to make happy”President Paul Mantovani. One who, as Pietro Vierchowod recalled, “never criticized us even when we weren’t at our best, and who had created that group with the dream of winning”.
“Today’s players are very professional, much more professional than we were back then”, added Vialli, “but perhaps there is a lack of that human relationship, which we had with Pellegrini and with each other, for which more than 100%, but blood and tears are also shed”.
And also for Marco Pontiwho dedicated a year and a half of his life to the film, The warm season is “a story of great men, of values, ties, relationships. A healthy story of friendship in a complete and heterogeneous group that does not only concern the past, but touches us closely today, returning from a period in which human relationships have been put to the test”.

The warm season will be in Italian cinemas on 28, 29 and 30 November, and on 1 December, distributed by 01 Distribution.

Vialli and Mancini’s Sampdoria wins in Turin: presented at the Turin Film Festival The summer season