VINCENZO DE LUCIA IMITATES MARA VENIER / “Future projects? Second evening with De Martino “

Vincenzo De Luciain the role of Mara Venier, made his entrance into the studio on Domenica In, honored by a beautiful video of his disguises. The real and the fake Mara Venier became the protagonists of a double interview. The questions were handled by Stefano De Martino, alternating the presenter’s serious answers with the ironic ones of the imitator. “Future projects? “A first evening with Stefano De Martino and a second evening with Stefano De Martino directly at my house”, joked the fake Mara.

Finally, how would Stefano De Martino define the two Mare? But of course: “Aunt’s love!”. The imitator’s brief foray ended with this very answer. (Updated by Emanuela Longo)

Vincenzo De Lucia at Domenica In

The viewers of “Everything is possible tonight“, Led by Stefano De Martinothey have now learned to know and appreciate Vincenzo De Luciawhich gained popularity thanks toimitation of well-known characters, especially women. His debut on the small screen, however, arrived in another audience led by the former competitor of “Amici”: “Made in South“. Here he presented himself on stage in the guise of Maria De Filippisurprising everyone for the striking resemblance.

Like many other well-known colleagues, he knows very well what la means mess tin, but it is precisely for this reason that he is now able to appreciate even more the success that has arrived today. In the past he has often worked in the theater, a period that earned him the important achievement for those who do his job, the Alighiero Noschese Awardwhich is named after one of the best known imitators in history.

There is Vincenzo De Lucia: how he came to success

Vincenzo, born in 1987, has now become one of the most well-known characters on TV because of his talent, which allows him to take on the appearance of someone who imitates not only physically but also in his voice, to the point that he sometimes becomes difficult to distinguish from the original. Among the most successful imitations of him are those of Mara Venier, Maria De Filippi, Barbara D’Urso, Mara Maionchi, Gina Lollobrigida, Milena Gabanelli, Sandra Milo and France Leosini. The “VIPs” of which she chooses to parody are not bothered, on the contrary, as the “National Mara” demonstrates, that she did not hesitate to want it in the fixed cast of “Sunday In.

But what are the secrets of his parodies and what makes them so successful? It was he himself who explained it in an interview: “The characterization also occurs by admiration or sympathy, as in the case of Sandra Milo. She is in fact an 88-year-old woman who has practically wonderful genetics, does not wear glasses and does not need support, neither mental nor physical. I think if we all turned 88 like her we would just have to celebrate. And then sometimes a voice comes to you or doesn’t come to you. I started by imitating Maurizio Costanzo, instead I found myself popular by imitating Maria De Filippithen the circles close “.

De Lucia is particularly Reserved, in fact, he prefers to use his social profiles above all for professional reasons. It is therefore not known whether his heart is busy.


VINCENZO DE LUCIA IMITATES MARA VENIER / “Future projects? Second evening with De Martino ”