Vincenzo Speziale: “The (rin) race of a Lilliputian nerd: so it is if you like (but Pirandello has nothing to do with it)!”

Vincenzo Speziale

07 November 2022 09:25


Will it be a fictional character? Boooh … go find out, but certainly don’t charge me what you freely deduct!


Let’s take, at random, an institutional building, no matter if that of the Senate, or of the Chamber of Deputies, not a bed, and even less, the bed itself, tailored to the dwarfs of Snow White (since we would think of someone ‘Austrolimtroph’ , which could be from a territory of the old Ausburgic empire, containing, however, Hungary, a large and cultured land, also known for giving us porn stars, carers and nurses, even attracted by China). This story (is it?) Imaginary, but if someone recognized himself, the accusatio would be self-manifesting, more than ever to the indigestible public, therefore pauca and lowers his head, as the reaction to the farcical story would produce stoned storm, su codesta mala deeds, certainly not for my (im) modest person.


We slip into the story, in place of someone who, like a desperate man, gropes groping, like a car without lights, in a nocturnal path of any Brianza road, rather foggy rather than not. The tapino, if it were true -but is it true? It is not for me to say, nor to confirm it! – he could even win a Golden Tapir of ‘Striscia la Notizie’ (cult broadcast, of the flagship network of a real subject, equally realistically, afflicted with senile dementia, as it is reported on TV and from the newspapers, certainly not from me, who in any case share the diagnosis).


Yes, since I imagine – I repeat, I guess! – an equally midget, with a wheezing tongue – never Christian Democrat, wickedly and wisely poisonous – who like a gonzo treated as a bonzo (or as a bonzo as he would be, as a treated gonzo would be), desperately seeks his coveted program, on Rai 3, around 8.55 pm (any day from Monday to Friday): “Un posto al sole”!

I know so, actually it is so, because if the minisubject were true, the soap opera just mentioned would fit perfectly, indeed it would be realistic without any irony, more than any inaccessible way, known because it runs alongside my home.
Mind you, that of Damascus is a bit inflated, while you could find something closer, to make the grotesque idea of ​​this (metaphorical?) Allegorical and ironic tale. Therefore if the figure were real – with an attached fool, which would stand out along a repeated trail for about 10 days or so – we could find ourselves a human wreck and at the same time a derelict from afflicted politician, treated as an outcast, as if it were a damaged goods ‘, which not only I throw.

And yes, the quaestio is like this, because the intangible and immaterial figure (always imaginary and no similarities or acknowledgments are attributed to the undersigned), would he have tried in every way and strong sponsorship – perhaps para-nursing? – the climb – that do I know? – to a ministry, any one, even to nothing or to interpretatively possible variables, to subsequently fall back as a sub-scale-but secretary, with identical results, about the second failure to appoint and the consequent and not assigned (not even in in this case) deputy ministerial proxies.

So, in summary, if everything were real – that is character, reconstruction, background and ambition – and I would like to emphasize if, like the song made famous by Mina and with a cautiously due air, for ‘avoidatio’ of improbable reckless complaints (and then why? Doesn’t he exist like that? Or yes? And then would he admit the foul habits? However, since the devil makes the pots and not the lids, let us refer to the angel, precisely, that exterminator, whose motto was ‘everyone be in his place’ and therefore being me one who can be (this!) Angel and not Beelzebub (even if a friend of mine and my grandfather’s friend was so defined!), in case the imaginary protagonist of the story (please consider him as such, but then you do!) asked me for advice, I would soon reply: give yourself to horse racing, astrology or cooking (it would be the art of cooking, no dreamlike desires), or black magic, because only it could help you, in trying to win the last assault, for any jump seat!

In my opinion, in fact, if the subject had authentic features and concreteness, in short, it existed, now it could point to the presidency of a parliamentary commission, as if the refusals previously had were not enough to make it clear to any person how he throws a bad air or that there is no tripe in the bowl.

In short, it would seem that we are in the position of a patron of various lotteries, to whom, instead of -somita! – failure to win, we hear: try again, you will be more fortunate! I just would not understand and together with me no one would understand it – I repeat, in the event that the character was real (but whoever thinks what he wants!) – on the contrary, a further restlessness would be shadowed, where it was revealed, net of the reality of the protagonist and of the will manifested, this possible frantic and insistent search, to have any or any office, whatever.

It would be, as if (the hypothetical?) He wanted to demonstrate to I don’t know who and I don’t know why (‘suspicion légitime’, translated into Italian: licit suspicion) his strength, credibility and influence, in the Palazzo that counts. This, however, would lead us to think that it was narcissism, but imagining the imaginary figure, I do not see it as the fruit of the incestuous relationship between Cirna and Myrrh (that is, it is not Adonis), so I would not know where the narcissism mentioned above, unless we found ourselves before – I repeat, if the protagonist were real! – the conjunction of a subject afflicted by personality disorders and rejection of reality, with more serious vision problems.

There would be another hypothesis, net of the (imaginary) story, namely that so-and-so, wants to sell himself or pass himself off as influential ‘in eius agrae’ (translation freely understood: in his district), but the motivation of the species escapes me, otherwise by explaining it to me with a thought, that is, that the subject (metaphysical and not real, it is good to re-emphasize it!) (not true) allegory, by now it counts for little or nothing (as long as it had incisiveness in the past).

And in the meantime, in the background, from today, you can hear the paraphrased parody of Franco Battiato’s song: ‘I’m looking for a permanent committee chair, that doesn’t make me afraid of things and people … I need …’!

Vincenzo Speziale: “The (rin) race of a Lilliputian nerd: so it is if you like (but Pirandello has nothing to do with it)!”