Voice to the fan

“Dear Editor, tomorrow Simone Inzaghi will always be able to tell his (to come) grandchildren that he “became the only coach in the last 40 years to reach 250 Serie A benches, winning 143 times” (cited by FcInternews and Tuttosport). Better than Ancelotti (140), Conte (138) and Mancini (135): not pizza and figs! But the undersigned – who does not forget the gullibility for the milk spilled last year (read lost scudetto) – more than the celebrations of the case, he is rather inclined to underline, half-jokingly, the Nerazzurri’s return to victory in a direct match thanks to “his” 5-5-5… But don’t worry: there was no embezzlement or , rather, senseless of the elusive tactical module of the Bi-Zone by Lino Banfi, alias Oronzo Canà in the film “The coach in the ball”, a module with which the cinematographic parody of Oronzo Pugliese – a real coach – intended to confuse the opponents predicting the movement moving back and forth across the field of 2 five-player wards. The Bergamo away match only meant that a particular statistic was updated: that is, the balance of the previous matches between Gasperini and Inzaghi. In fact, articulated – at least until Saturday – in 4 wins by the coach from Piacenza, 5 draws and as many victories by the coach from Grugliasco (TO). So now the account is perfectly aligned in a 5-5-5… Thus averted the danger that the technician from Piacenza has resorted to extreme remedies to repair extreme evils (the lack of victories in the aforementioned direct clashes), a few bitter aftertaste can not but remain. But not so much for the “usual” 2 goals conceded away from San Siro. If, in fact, on the one hand it is true that the 2nd consecutive comeback in the league was completed in Bergamo after the one against Bologna, on the other hand the Nerazzurri suffered too much to bring about the result instead of being able to lock it down smoothly after the double benefit. We cannot then pretend to forget that Atalanta were “the weakest of the strongest”. Whatever the “usual” Cassano has been chattering about in the meantime. Atalanta’s “drift” is certified by its recent negative path which – in addition to coming from 3 defeats in the last 4 games – was also a veteran of 2 consecutive home matches lost (Lazio and Naples). Extrapolating, in particular, the parallel path between the Bergamo players and the Neapolitans, it should finally be remembered that on the 8th matchday the 2 teams were tied at the top of the standings with 20 points and that since then, while Napoli have made a clear path with 7 consecutive victories, Atalanta instead scraped together just 7 points – on average 1 per game – thus suffering a gap per round equal to 2 round lengths: a vertical collapse of the players from Bergamo. And I would have said it all! Except that Inzaghi was right yesterday not to indulge in unhealthy triumphalism in his declarations at the end of the game. Just as Nerazzurri fans and enthusiasts cannot ignore the merit of having succeeded – from the aforementioned 8th matchday and despite the imprudent defeat of Turin on the 13th – to pick up the gap from the top by as many as 23 points which at the time – following the internal harakiri against the Giallorossi – it amounted to an impressive 38 lengths overall. Now reduced to “only” 15 (11 from Napoli, 3 from Milan and 1 from Juventus). But the good Simone is equally well aware of the Nerazzurri’s chronic defensive shortcomings away from home on which he will certainly not lack for homework during the break for the World Cup”.


“Good evening, today too we saw an Inter in a “Bruce Lee film” version when to see the protagonist, Bruce Lee to be precise, do and undo as he pleases against everything and everyone and emerge victorious, he had to suffer a serious wrong (read goal conceded by our team…) the point is this: either they’re paying homage to the president and we don’t understand him, or they’re like DAZN…st******and aside, sorry, I want to underline the the fact that the stop of a world championship at least bizarre arrives, as far as I know in the desert I have always seen sand, camels, oases, the Magi of the crib, never rows of doors and stands, but having been born in the last century … let’s get to this well on the contrary, it is a good omen, even if a Napoli awaits us which is making a championship, so far, at “Marvel Studios””that is, highly spectacular, however we are waiting “with love, hope and renewed confidence” and not with the cosmic pessimism that he had already got us in the first 20 minutes, including the penalty, well indeed very well GO INTER GO GUYS ZZI thanks to all, and you from the masthead, as always a “bravo, very good” for the space you give to innamoneneroazzurati.


Voice to the fan – Comments after the victory in Bergamo