VTT: “Video game”, when Fabio Wibmer invites himself into GTA

The Austrian rider – GoPro of the World award winner – was visibly unleashed when writing the synpopsis for “Video game”: a 9-minute film carried out at a hellish pace that should delight Grand Theft fans. Auto, of which he parodies all the codes. Without speaking of course of the amateurs of big tricks, because once more Fabio Wibmer goes very far in delirium.

Fabio Wibmer? Anything but a stranger

A former motocross rider, the native of Tyrol became addicted to trials bikes after watching a video of Scottish star Danny MacAskill. He took it well, in 2014, he became a permanent member of his “Drop and Roll Tour” before embarking on a series of video projects of his own. His two videos Fabulous Escape have totaled more than 50 million views each on YouTube, while his video Wibmer’s Lawfilmed in Austria on crowded streets quickly went viral in 2019. Along with his extensive collection of stunt videos and awards – including the GoPro of the World – Best Line Contest award in 2015 – Fabio Wibmer, 27, has imposed as downhiller and free-rider.

“Video game”: what is this UFO?

For this project, the Austrian legend invited his audience into a very different universe from his other films, inspired by his passion for video games. The idea? Give the impression that the public controls the character of the rider and directs him to his next destination on the most beautiful spots of the Côte d’Azur.

What do we see?

Without spoiling the film, know that it begins with a fall on a path, on the side of Innsbruck, a nod to an accident, very real this time, which forced him to interrupt his projects for more than one year due to ankle and shoulder injuries. A year later, we find him on the Côte d’Azur to make a video that is unlike anything else. He rides at dizzying heights, performs his famous handlebar ride and does the craziest tricks at breakneck speed.

What’s his gear?

For those who like to rummage around in the riders’ garage: Fabio Wibmer used three different bikes. A Canyon Stitched CFR FW (two colors in the film) for trials, a Canyon Spectral for Jib/Enduro and a Canyon Torque for freeride. Enough to ensure a wide variety of skills on demanding stages. “It was not easy to adapt and switch from one model to another,” he said in a statement from his sponsor, Red Bull. “My goal is to provide my best possible performance at a high level in each discipline. A huge challenge from a sporting point of view. »

Behind the scenes of filming

This 9-minute film required no less than 50 days of shooting in the middle of a heat wave, with temperatures of up to 40°C. The editing spared us no detail at the end where Fabio Wibmer had the good idea to include some spectacular failures, in particular the famous Bunny Hop from Bench to Bench Tailwhip, the most technical trick that required the most attempts.
As for the scenario, it was “no limit”… like in a video game: boat, helicopter and sports car, all means of transport (or pretexts for tricks) are on the menu. Gamers will also find everything they love: soundtrack, audio interactions, game-style transitions, loading bars, change of outfits, new bike paint and in-play menus. Enough to bring Fabio, the game character, to life. “The scenes were much more complex than in my other videos. The helicopters, the boats, the jump from the cliffs, the scenes in the city, for example. explains the rider. “The other challenge was to link the different scenes together to create a smooth rhythm and flow. My idea for this type of project was to push my limits and find ways to overcome all challenges, even if it was very difficult, until it worked”. Successful !

Header photo: Hannes Berger

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VTT: “Video game”, when Fabio Wibmer invites himself into GTA