“What if we met?”: what you need to know about M6’s new romance show

The channel is launching this Monday evening from 11:10 p.m. a program where we witness the first meeting of people who have an online relationship.

They met on social media, a chat room or a dating app. They have had a virtual relationship for months, even years. “And if we met?”, a French creation imagined by Studio 89, films them when they take the plunge and see each other for the first time. “The idea germinated during the first confinementexplains Marc de Suzzoni, the producer. Many of the articles talked about people falling in love with someone online without ever having met them, a phenomenon that has existed for years, but has exploded during this time. In fact, it is estimated that 8 million French people are in a more or less passionate relationship with someone they have never seen.

The principle of the show is therefore to be there when virtual love will confront reality. “It is a moment charged with extremely strong emotionshe observes. For some, we see that it was obvious, the physical meeting was a formality, they were already in a relationship in their minds. Or conversely, when there is disappointment, it is huge. When you’ve invested so much in a relationship, whether you’ve been talking to each other for a year, two years or eight years, you fantasize about the person and the relationship. We create an image of the other which is not necessarily reality. It’s easy to hide behind a screen, words or just a voice. The person in flesh and blood is not necessarily the same… She may not have the same personality, or even not the same physique. In the virtual, it’s easy to lie. We can hide who we really are. The reality of this first meeting makes it possible to have very different stories. The producer evokes marriage proposals or people living a thousand kilometers from each other who decide to move in together. “We have more great stories than disappointments”says Marc de Suzzoni.

“A relationship cannot remain virtual forever”

Marc de Suzzoni, producer of “And if we met? »

“How about we meet?” takes place in a castle. A participant recounts his virtual relationship, without anyone ever seeing the person he is talking about. Then the lover arrives. At the end of the date, they decide whether or not they want to continue the weekend together. The people were selected after a call for witnesses on the M6 ​​antenna. They are between 20 and 59 years old. “We chose the stories that seemed to us the strongest”, says Marc de Suzzoni. Two couples on the show have eight years of virtual relationship. “The specialists explain it very well: the longer it drags, the more we are in this comfort of a virtual relationship where everything is perfect. We eliminate all the problems of reality. The more we advance, the more we are afraid of losing this.

But, in general, what made these men and women agree to meet? “For everyone, it’s a way to pass a stage. A relationship cannot stay virtual forever. If you want to build something with someone, you have to go into the real world.he explains before concluding: “The call for witnesses and this program were a trigger for many”.

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“What if we met?”: what you need to know about M6’s new romance show