What “Saturday is parody”, Drucker’s new show will look like

Bernard Barbereau

Bernard Barbereau

MEDIA – It’s the big day for Michel Drucker. The host presents this Saturday, February 17 his new show on France 2. With the entertainment program “Saturday is parody”, the host confirms his new orientation towards humor to show “that television knows how to make fun of itself”.

“We wanted to laugh,” explains Michel Drucker. “We practiced derision and self-derision with real happiness, it was quite jubilant”. The former sports reporter at theORTF will present a dozen modules that humorously pastiche key programs of the French audiovisual landscape. “We had fun with television codes,” he explains.

Among the parodies proposed, there will be that of “Love is in the meadow” by M6from “Capitaine Marleau”, the successful detective series of France 3 which will become “Capitaine Marlou”, or “Cashcash Investigation” on Élise Lucet’s investigative magazine on France 2.

The essential weekend host of France 2who will turn himself into derision on his red couch of “Vivement Dimanche” in the Gabriel studio, says he “immediately accepted this adventure” both “television and cinematographic”.

“Everyone played the game, the neighboring channel buddies lent us their trays,” he said, welcoming in particular the support of Nagui’s orchestra.

“This corresponds to a moment when my career has taken a small turn for two years”, moving towards humor, argues the 75-year-old host. He wrote “Seul avec vous”, a one man show which he presents very regularly in French cinemas. He evokes the memories of his long career on TV.

Franck Dubosc as godfather

“I wanted to know before bowing out what it’s like to be alone on stage, it’s the most complicated exercise. (….) I tackled Everest before the cliffs of Fontainebleau,” he said. He recalled that he had been doing television for 54 years and that he did not know what he would do at the start of the next school year.

Regarding the meeting he will host this Saturday in “prime time”, “everything we see in this program is 100% new”, underlines Marie Genest, director of the entertainment unit, shows and games of France 2.

The parodies and sketches of “Samedi c’est parodie”, written by screenwriter Benjamin Guedj and a team of five authors, are “orchestrated” by Nicolas Benamou, director of the film “Babysitting”. “We all grew up with the parody shows of the Inconnus and Dummies”, explains the screenwriter, delighted to work with Michel Drucker: “Michel is television!”

In addition to parodies, the program “Samedi c’est parodie” will offer “sketches on the consequences of television on people’s lives”, specifies the screenwriter, such as a sketch on “a support group for ‘anonymous coaches’, people trying to land coaching shows and ending up trying to wean themselves off.”

The show, whose sponsor is Franck Dubosc, is called to be renewed “once or twice a year”, according to Marie Genest.

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