What TikTok videos and trends marked the end of 2022?

The French also celebrated Christmas and the New Year on TikTok! But what did they share, like or create on the social network, on these occasions? Here’s an overview of the most popular creator videos as well as the trends that marked the end of the year, from December 23 to January 1, 2023!

Top of the most popular Christmas videos

  1. This is the cover of Bruno Mars at the piano in a Parisian boutique, by the young French pianist Van Toan Lam, which comes first. He won the prize for the most viewed video on TikTok on December 23, 2022 with 25 million views! He now has 1.5 million subscribers on his account with whom he shares popular songs, reinterpreted in his own way.

    Their reactions are incredible 🤣❤️#piano #publicpiano #reaction

    ♬ original sound – Van toan Lam

  2. The challenge of shoot to the net of the educator and footballer vxloxfreestyle, climbs on the second step of the classification. It is among the most liked videos on Christmas Eve with 20 million views.

    How much would you have put in? 😨🔥 #challenge #soccer #vxlox

    ♬ Sugar Crash! – ElyOtto

  3. My audition for “The Voice” of Pierre-Emile Lv takes third place. It reinterprets in a very funny way the performances of the characters of the famous animated film All on Stage. His video was viewed 9 million times on December 24!

    My audition for “The Voice” ✨🎤 #singmovie #movie #dance #TV

    ♬ Sing_Movie_2016_Auditions – Pierre-Émile Lv

Top most viewed videos for New Year’s Eve

  1. This is the video of DJ Rox R who climbs on the first step of the podium! His selection of the best hits to liven up New Year’s Eve makes you want to dance. And it seduces the community with 4 million views on December 30, 2022.

    A good New Year’s Eve without music does not exist! ✨ But you still have to have the right ones! 🥂The best songs to spend the holidays are here! Link in my Bio 🎶 #soireeplaylistcertifiee #Christmas Eve #dj #mix #2023 @WARNER MUSIC FRANCE

    ♬ original sound – Dj Rox R

  2. “Incredible crowd on the Champs-Elysées for the passage in 2023”. This is the video of Official Brut which had the most success with 7 million views, on December 31, 2022!

    Incredible crowd on the Champs-Elysées for the passage in 2023. #happyyear2023 #Paris #champselysees #triumphal arch #France #happynewyear #2023

    ♬ original sound – Raw.

A look back at the trends that marked the end of the year on TikTok

Awareness and Red Flag

This trend created by the community aims to educate users about inappropriate behavior in real life! For example, creator podcastteens grabbed it. He presents a video where he resumes the music “Onda Onda (Olha A Onda)”, with 1.5 million views. This creator is particularly known for giving advice to students in order to learn easily and effectively.


it’s out of my usual content but this individual has done a lot of harm to people around me so I wanted to raise awareness a bit ps: he didn’t do anything to me directly but I can tell you what happened if you want #podcastteens #care of yourself #attentionatoisitesmineure #teacherhistory #profpervère #awarenessen

♬ onda onda Olha onda – ppequitass

Transition – “One fleek for you”

This end of the year, a tidal wave of videos of transition ” before after “ surges on TikTok with the trend “One fleek for you”. It consists of filming oneself without make-up, then with singing the song of Mamaeditx. Fabiencrfx signs here one of the most watched videos around this trend with 1.3 million views!


you have the tutorial on my account


Transformation of his parents

Who says end of year celebrations, says reunions, celebrations and creation of family videos! Indeed, girls and boys had fun transforming their parents in their image. Among the videos with the most views, that of vincent_dvr and his dad revamped with his son’s favorite outfits. It seduces the community with 314,000 views.


he has too much flow

♬ original sound – evie

The Jones Burgers

Since the release of their hit “Jones Burgers” on December 11, 2022, the three comedians are enjoying impressive success on TikTok! They are Mister V, Freddy Gladieux and Vincent Tirel. The famous parody of typical country music that can be heard in the United States is taken up by the community who have fun with it. The goal is to present with humor the clichés that we can have on the accent of the French who speak English in the American way. Among the accounts that are a hit with their cover, the creator starfito makes fun of his own level of English! Even companies like auchansaintherblain Where proman_interim take it over with their own style… And it’s worth the detour!


Put school level is better… #for you #american #burger #misterv #freddygladieux

♬ The Jones Burgers – Freddy Gladieux

Photo credit: Unsplash / Mariia Shalabaieva

What TikTok videos and trends marked the end of 2022?