Where to watch good documentaries? You have been unearthed 4 gold mines

The ultimate guide to the best platforms to watch excellent documentaries, free or on subscription!

If we are used to art or Netflix to educate, entertain or amaze us, it can be difficult to know where to look somewhere else to see good documentaries.

Fortunately, miss has concocted the ultimate guide to best tips to stock up on documentaries!


We enter directly into the heart of the matter with this real nugget. Established in 2015, Spicy broadcasts documentaries and committed and original reports. Marked by a refreshing pop aestheticthe site offers focus on exciting themes such as Women fights »the critical approach of world digital and networks social or that of fake news. The watchword of the platform is to fight against disinformation.

The films are classified by duration according to your desires and your availability: 5, 15, or more than 30 minutes. To access it, you will have to count €4.90 per month or €49.90 per year. Another little extra: some films are free and visible even without a subscription, just to get a preview!

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The National Film Board of Canada

Perhaps this is the best deal of this selection. The National Film Board of Canada puts online more than 5000 videos accessible free and without registration. Unless you use a VPN, some movies are not available in France. Despite this, you will have plenty to do.

The site gives pride of place to documentaries related to people’s rights LGBTI+to struggles indigenousor to ecology. Recently, the enthusiast movie theater queer Lawrens Shyboi advised us the 1992 film Forbidden Loves: Beyond Prejudices, Lives and Words of Lesbians, available free of charge in the original version with subtitles on the National Film Board of Canada website.

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France.tv Slash

Sometimes it is useless to look very far: France.tv Slash is a gold mine to find very good documentaries. This offer free 100% online of France Télévisions is entirely geared towards the young adult public. There are series, fiction, short formats… and documentaries.

We warn you: the biggest difficulty on France TV Slash is to choose what to watch. For example, at the moment, we are hesitating between Queendoma portrait of three Parisian drag queens, Committeda documentary series on women lawyers, or even Bootyfula documentary by Rokhaya Diallo which interrogates the international media story of buttocks women, between shame and oversexualization. And we say it again, it’s free.

© screenshot of the trailer for Bootyful, a film by Rokhaya Diallo


Tënk is the reference platform for documentary copyright too precious that hard to find elsewhere. Born thanks to crowdfunding, Tënk was designed by members of the Ardèche Images association, gathered in the town of Lussas. These work for the development and promotion of documentary cinema. It is also in Lussas that, every summer, you can celebrate your cinephilia during the festival of the Estates General of Documentary Film. Tënk offers new products every week and is accessible for 6 euros per month. Warning: be prepared to find many wonders from all ages and all countries.

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Featured image credit: © Screenshot from Spicee

Where to watch good documentaries? You have been unearthed 4 gold mines