Who are The Pozzolis Family, Alice Mangione and Gianmarco Pozzoli of Lol 2 and how to see it for free

Lol he’s about to come back with a new season that still promises lots of laughs. After all, the cast of comedians is again of high profile. The appointment to mark in the diary is for February 24 when the episodes will be released on Prime Video. The show this year will be hosted by Fedez together with Frank Matano.

The first four episodes will be available on the day of release, while the last two will be visible starting March 3.

Who are The Pozzolis Family, Alice Mangione and Gianmarco Pozzoli

Many names in the Italian comedy scene (there are ten competitors in total) among them too The Pozzolis Family, well known to the social public and beyond, they are a couple who share funny videos, and often able to make people think, about family life. To the registry office Alice Mangione and Gianmarco Pozzolithey are a duo in private life and in the entertainment world.

Both, in fact, were already known to the general public before starting to collaborate. Alice, born in 1984, can be remembered in Never say Tuesday with Maccio Capatonda. In his curriculum also the victory of two Cabaret festivals and the participation in some films. Among his strong points is the parody of a youtuber Alyce MakeUp and then to some TV programs (among them The proof of the eight by Caterina Guzzanti).

Love with Gianmarco Pozzoli blossomed in 2013 and together they had two children: Giosuè, born in 2015, and Olivia Tosca in 2017. Gianmarco, on the other hand, was born in 1971 and during his career he has participated in important television programs such as Convenscion, Zelig, Zelig Off And Colorado. Also for him some forays into cinema, for example in film Welcome to the North with Claudio Bisio.

With The Pozzolis Family they tell about family life, with irony but offering different food for thought for their many followers. Now you can see them among the competitors of the new season of Lol who laughs is out.

Lol 2 who laughs is out, how to see it

To see Lol 2 who laughs is out you must be enrolled in the program Amazon Prime, so it will be possible to access Prime Video to see the new season of the comedy show that sees a group of talented actors compete with jokes and sketches to make the opposing competitors give in to laughter. If you are not subscribed to Prime, the first month of trial is free and this allows new users to use the various services (including viewing the show) for free for a period of 30 days.

Lol 2 who laughs is out, the cast

The cast is rich. In addition to The Pozzolis family, we will see on the screen: Maccio Capatonda, Corrado Guzzanti, Mago Forest, Max Angioni, Maria Di Biase, Diana Del Bufalo, Tess Masazza and Virginia Raffaele. A group of comedians that promises sparks, from characters now known on the small screen, such as the Wizard Forest and Corrado Guzzanti, up to Tess Masazza, very popular with her social network and much loved by the public.

To “disturb” the competitors – which moreover he had managed to do very well in the first season as a competitor – Lillo who will be “used” by the conductors to make the competitors give in to laughter. Lillo in the first season of Lol who laughs is out he had given life to some comic curtains that had the merit of entering common language.

Now we just have to wait to find out who will be the winner of the second season, but the game promises to be very hard and to the sound of laughter.

Who are The Pozzolis Family, Alice Mangione and Gianmarco Pozzoli of Lol 2 and how to see it for free