“William once played dead to make me believe that I would be the designated heir”

It is probably the most talked about international topic of the beginning of 2023. The Harry’s book published in January 2023 contains several statements and anecdotes which, at least in part, embarrass Buckingham Palace and show the intrigues within the English royal family.

Who has read the volume or even just the Harry book summary Shootproposed shortly after its publication, has certainly noticed a certain resentment (to put it mildly) against his older brother Williamheir to the throne of King Charles.

Just taking advantage of the attacks of Harry to William in the book Shootour Ciccio Lancia has created a nice sketch in which he reads some passages from the autobiography of the English royal. The text, obviously fictitious, is read live at Chiara, Frank and Cicciothe program of Radio DEEJAY broadcast every weekday from 1 to 2 pm. And Ciccio’s parody plays on the many attempts to discredit his brother, even by taking trivial episodes to extremes.

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Harry’s book, the revelations about William

Prince Harry and William, the allegations in the book

There are many steps in which the Prince Harry talks about William in his book. Starting, for example, from the moment he spends not particularly flattering words on the William’s receding hairline:

I looked at Willy, really looked at him, maybe for the first time since we were little. His hair thinning was alarming and more advanced than mine.

In the Prince Harry book there is also talk of the quarrel with his brother caused by Meghan Markledefined by William “difficult”, “rude” and “caustic”. But the conversation soon turned into something more:

He grabbed me by the collar, snatched my necklace and threw me to the ground. I fell on the dog bowl, and it cracked under my back, pieces cutting me. I stood there for a moment, dazed, then got up and told him to leave.

There are many moments when the Prince Harry attacks William in his bookhighlighting a less than optimal relationship between the two.

Prince Harry book, the attacks on William (fake) read by Ciccio Lancia: “He spoiled how Lady Diana died”

The parody of quarrels between Harry and William made by Ciccio Lancia to Radio DEEJAY it is based precisely on this rather difficult relationship between the two. The comedian and deejay of Chiara, Frank and Ciccio reads a book by Prince Harry (fictitious), in which new revelations about the two brothers come out:

William is not a nice person. He does some very nasty things, always, ever since we were kids. I remember vividly when I was 4 and he was 6 and he played dead for two days just to make me think I would be the designated heir. Not to mention when at 15 I was in love with a very sweet girl, Jennifer. He had her kidnapped by her Majesty’s secret service and fed her to grandma’s corgis.

The parody continues:

On the other hand we are talking about someone who has only read one book in his life, and that book is Mein Kampf

with obvious reference to the scandal that broke out when the prince Harryon the occasion of a costume party, he was dressed in a Nazi suit. But the wickedness of William it’s not limited to this:

There are many things I should tell you: you know that William has a passion for motorcycles, but perhaps you don’t know that he had a motorcycle built by His Majesty’s engineers that rides on seal pups. Even with Buckingham Palace servitude, Prince William behaves terribly. He know that there are 1514 entrance doors. William occasionally enjoys saying to an attendant: “I think they knocked, can you go and open it?”.

In short, a terrible brother. But, above all, a brother who spoils what will happen in the TV series, such as on the occasion of The crown:

Recently, when I was watching The Crown series, William gave me a spoiler about how Lady Diana died.

An unforgivable attitude, which well explains the tension between the brothers.

Prince Harry book, the summary made to Pinocchio

For those who want a Prince Harry book summary (this time yes, seriously), the topic was covered in an episode of Pinocchiothe program of Radio DEEJAY broadcast every weekday afternoon from 5 to 7 pm.

La Pina, The Vale And Diego Passoni tell the highlights of the Prince Harry book Shootalso focusing on the relationship between Prince Harry and his brother William. Of course, a particularly different quarrel from those normally experienced between brothers:

It can happen between siblings. Who got into jostling with his brother, you know how scary…

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“William once played dead to make me believe that I would be the designated heir”