With the comedy “If you avenge me”, Netflix holds its “Clueless”

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Actresses Camila Mendes and Maya Hawke excel in Netflix’s biting new comedy, If you avenge me which pays homage to teen movies acerbic from the 90s and 2000s such as the cult clueless (1995) and Lolita in spite of me (2004).

The trailer for “If you avenge me” (2022) by Jennifer Kaytin Robinson

The 90s and 2000s didn’t just bring great albums (like those of American grunge bands) and memorable looks, ranging from low-waisted pants in cow print to crop tops in the shape of rhinestone butterflies. They were also the most productive decades in terms of half girlie half dark comedies, mixing glamorous aesthetics, prodigious actors and acerbic humor. If you avenge mea new Netflix film available on the platform since September 16, is in line with Clueless (1995), Lolita despite myself (2004) with Lindsay Lohan, Sex Intentions (1999), jawbreaker (1999) with Rose McGowan or Fatal Games (1989) with Winona Ryder.

This story of a complex friendship between two high school girls from a chic private establishment, a quest for popularity and revenge multiplies the references to these masterpieces of teenage pop culture. We even find, with joy, Sarah Michelle Gellar, the unforgettable heroine of the cult series buffy the vampire slayer (1997-2003), as a dominating and biting high school principal. But the tribute to two blessed decades is not the only attraction of this feature film – freely adapted from The unknown of the Nord-Express by Hitchcock – which seduces thanks to its sexy costumes and its electrifying soundtrack (Hole, Billie Eilish, Caroline Polachek, Olivia Rodrigo, Robyn, Rosalía, Le Tigre).

Camila Mendes and Maya Hawke in "If you avenge me" (2022) by Jennifer Kaytin Robinson

Camila Mendes and Maya Hawke in “If You Revenge Me” (2022) by Jennifer Kaytin Robinson

The charm of If you avenge me is largely based on these two heroines, magnetic and very accurate. Camila Mendes (Riverdale) brilliantly plays a fallen prom high school queen, victim of slut-shaming after the release of a sextape, while Maya Hawke (Stranger Things, The four daughters of Doctor March) impresses as a nerdy former teenager who becomes the coolest girl in school.

Each gives, in their own way, depth and heart to their “outsider” characters., young girls who have trouble finding their places in high school and suffer from it. Between funny facial expressions, cheerful alchemy, scathing repartee and moving pouts, they prevent this teen movie from sinking into a parody of black comedy from the 90s.Euphoria) as a so-called “woke” boyfriend who pretends to be an ally of feminists when he is just another paragon of toxic masculinity.

If you avenge me (2022) by Jennifer Kaytin Robinson with Maya Hawke and Camila Mendes, available on Netflix.

With the comedy “If you avenge me”, Netflix holds its “Clueless”