You liked Glass Onion: here are 4 other films to see on Netflix

In 2019, Ryan Johnson gave the so-called whodunnit genre a serious facelift with the brilliant At Knives Out. And the investigation of detective Benoît Blanc, camped by the imperial Daniel Craig, won over moviegoers so much that Netflix ordered two sequels, the first of which, Glass Onion, recently broke audience records on the N rouge platform. Want to discover other films of the same genre? Here are 4 feature films available on Netflix that could seduce you.

Do you like mystery-filled murder stories? The puzzles way Cluedo that push us to rack our brains to find out which character is guilty of a crime? Here are some films available on Netflix to satisfy the thirst for investigation of the fine sleuth that lies dormant in you.

7 Women: an Italian thriller in the tradition of the Knives Out saga

Freshly landed on Netflix, this Italian black comedy is adapted from the same play as a famous French film from 2002: 8 Women by Francois Ozon. The plot of 7 Women takes place in an old bourgeois house in the middle of the countryside. The owner of the house, a certain Marcello, was found dead, stabbed in the back. Who killed Marcello? Is it his wife? His teacher ? His mother-in-law ? His sister-in-law? His governess? Or one of his two daughters? Difficult to know, especially since discord reigns in the big house while the 7 suspects accuse each other of the crime, revealing one after the other disturbing details, and some secrets that have long remained buried…

Murder Mystery: Jennifer Aniston, Adam Sandler and Dany Boon

Murder Mystery, it’s a detective comedy available on Netflix since 2019, with Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler in the main roles. The film follows Nick, a police officer, and Audrey, a hairdresser, who are on a trip to Europe to celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary. After a surprising combination of circumstances, they find themselves at the heart of a murder case when the billionaire Malcolm Quince is murdered on the yacht where they were invited. As in Glass Onion and At Knives Out, we find the influence of the novelist Agatha Christie, with characters all present in the same place and a list of suspects all having plausible motives. The director has fun with the clichés of the genre without falling into parody. Gripping suspense and plenty of hilarious moments make this investigation both thrilling and entertaining from start to finish. And good news if Murder Mystery please: its sequel is announced for March 2023 on the platform that makes TUDUM.

Handsome: a Netflix detective comedy with the Russian Doll star

Like a clever mix of police comedy and romantic comedy, Handsome: A Crime Comedy Netflix is a film like no other. The main character, a police inspector, is a middle-aged man who spends his weekends with his dog. His daily life is turned upside down when he has to investigate the murder of his new neighbor’s babysitter, who was found decapitated. For this case, he teams up with a cynical policewoman who does not have her tongue in her pocket played by Natasha Lyonne, star of the series. Russian Doll. A totally quirky feature film to recommend to lovers of biting humor.

The W Affair: a housewife who loves detective novels investigates

The W Affair, it’s a whodunnit type film that comes to us from Poland. Available on Netflix, this feature film immerses us in the investigation led by a stay-at-home mother who loves to read detective novels and who has decided to unmask the murderer of a mysterious stranger. His investigation will lead him to discover the unmentionable secrets of the inhabitants of his small town. A mystery crime comedy whose mystery is deeper than it seems.

Finally, if you want very real investigations, we recommend the thrilling documentary series Making a Murderer as well as the mini-series Don’t pick up, which is not about murder but whose story of an incredible hunt across the United States will keep you in suspense. Something to satisfy apprentice detectives and fans of detective riddles at the Arabesque !

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You liked Glass Onion: here are 4 other films to see on Netflix