“Youth is overrated”: Paolo Hendel arrives at Marenco di Ceva

The winter season of Paul Hendel continues Thursday 26 January at 21 with “Youth is overrated” Of Paul Hendel and Marco Vicari with Paolo Hendel, directed by Gioele Dix – Production by AGIDI srl

The plot. “It all started the day I accompanied my ninety-year-old mother to the new geriatrician. In the waiting room, the mother has her carer take her to the bathroom. A moment later the geriatrician opens the door of her office, sees me and says: ‘Please, it’s up to you…’.”

Thanks to that meeting, Paolo Hendel realizes that he is “dangerously” approaching the season of old age and that the time has come to deal with what Giacomo Leopardi defines as “the detested threshold of old age”. He does it in his own way, in a sort of self-deprecating confession about the passing years, with all that this entails: anxieties, hypochondria, visits to the urologist, the fashion for aesthetic touch-ups and the inevitable reflections, both philosophical and practical, on the “departure”.

The fears, weaknesses, mistakes of youth added to the “mistakes of maturity” are a continuous opportunity for play in which it is impossible not to be reflected, each with their own life, their own experience and their own sensitivity, in a liberating laugh.

Making use of the precious and indispensable complicity of the co-author Marco Vicari and the director Gioele Dix, Hendel talks about himself with disarming sincerity and through a hilarious roundup of comments from “indignant users” on the web he recounts today’s Italy.

And if youth is somehow overrated, he doesn’t want to be misunderstood and specifies: “I’m still happy to have been young, I had a good time, I liked it and if it were to happen again I would gladly do it again…”

What matters is to keep curiosity, interest and passion alive, at any age, as demonstrated by Hendel himself who treads the stage with boyish enthusiasm and renewed energy, his second home for over thirty years now.

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Paul Hendel
Expression of the most pungent satire of the social and political reality of our country, Paolo Hendel was born in Florence, where he graduated in literature. In the 80s he began to write comic monologues for the theatre Via Antonio Pigafetta, navigator (written with Piero Metelli), who make it known to the public. In 1987 he was a guest of Teletango (directed by Sergio Staino) within the broadcast Go thinking and in 1988 he realizes Paolo Hendel’s Tuesdays on Raitre.

In 1990 he moved to TMC extension where you participate in the program Bananas with Fabio Fazio. From 1996 to 1998 and in 2001 he was a regular guest on the show Never say goalstelevision creature of the Gialappa’s Band (who also wanted it for their first film, All the idiot’s men of 1999, directed by Paolo Costella), where the character was born Carcarlo Pravettoni, parody of the most cynical and ruthless businessman. In 1998/99 she participates in the program Comicsthe on Italy 1while in 2000 it is in the broadcast I laugh broadcast on Raidue. From October to December 2007 she leads the show Second Italy Of Comedy Central. In 2009 she is the protagonist of the TV drama All Stars, broadcast on Italia Uno, alongside Diego Abatantuono, directed by Massimo Martelli. In 2011 she participates in the broadcast of A7 Brothers and Sisters of Italy, conducted by Veronica Pivetti and dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy. 2012 marks the return to TV of Carcarlo Pravettoni: every week he is a regular guest on the show The last word, conducted by Gianluigi Paragone and broadcast on Rai Due. From 2013 to 2015 she was a guest on the show The cagealways alongside Gianluigi Paragone, broadcast in prime time on A7. In the 2018-19 season Paolo Hendel is a regular guest of Fourth Republica political and economic in-depth program hosted by Nicola Porro, in prime time on Rete 4.

Appreciated for his surreal and overwhelming talent, he also made himself known in the world of cinema. In the 80s the Giancattivi wanted him in the film West of Donald, 1982 is in the cast of The night of San Lorenzo of the Taviani brothers and in 1986 in Let’s hope it’s female by Mario Monicelli. In 1988 he was among the interpreters of Fear and Love by Margarethe Von Trotta and by It will happen tomorrow by Daniele Luchetti. In 1989 she is in the film Horses are born by Sergio Staino and in 1990 he was among the protagonists of Sphinx week by Daniele Luchetti, with Margherita Buy. In the second half of the 90s it is ne The Cyclone And The fish in love by fellow countryman Leonardo Pieraccioni (blockbuster films). In 2010, it is in My friends… How it all beganthe prequel to the famous 1975 film, alongside Christian De Sica, Massimo Ghini, Giorgio Panariello, directed by Neri Parenti.

His theatrical activity is particularly intense: he writes (with Piero Metelli) and performs monologues such as Free fall (1990-92), Adrift (1992-94), Fog in the Po Valley (1995-96), The best of Paul Hendel (1997-99), Watch out for the pen (1999-2001), W Italy! (2002-04), I am speechless! (2005-06). From 2006 to 2008 she is on stage with the show The staggering biped, written with Piero Metelli in collaboration with Sergio Staino. In 2009 he made his debut Time for green plumson stage throughout 2010. For the 2011-2012 season it is on stage with the theatrical show Moliere without his knowledge, of which he is the author with Leo Muscato. From 2014 to 2016 he was engaged in How to cheat others and live happilyin the role ofalter ego Carcarlo Pravettoni, written with Marco Vicari and Francesco Borgonovo and partly taken from the homonymous book published by Mondadori.

In 2017 he debuted with a new theatrical show Escape from Via Pigafettawritten with Marco Vicari e Joel Dix who also signs the direction, also on stage for the 2017/2018 season. He is also in the theater with one of his recitals and with two readingone by Italo Calvino (He who was very light) and the other by Gianni Rodari (Have a good trip shrimp!).

Paolo Hendel is the author of three books: But ass is a dirty word?, written with Piero Metelli in 1998 (Zelig Editore) and the book by Carcarlo Pravettoni How to cheat others and live happily (2014) co-written with Francesco Borgonovo for Mondadori.

In 2018 it was released for Rizzoli Youth is overrated. The manifesto for a happy old age, written with Marco Vicari, with the scientific contribution of the geriatrician Maria Chiara Cavallini. His latest theatrical monologue is taken from the book, written with Marco Vicari, directed by Gioele Dix.

“Youth is overrated”: Paolo Hendel arrives at Marenco di Ceva – Cuneo24