Zelig, new edition: review

The first episode of the new edition of Zeligback up Channel 5 after about 5 years (the last show was Zelig Event2016, conducted by Christian De Sica and Michelle Hunziker), turned out to be more than just a simple one nostalgia operation.

At the end of the vision, in fact, it is possible to discern multiple positives of the comic show, first, undeniable elements of contemporaneity that make it televised current.

An incontrovertible truth is the following: Zelig is Claudio Bisio and Claudio Bisio is Zelig. From the first seconds on the stage of the Teatro degli Arcimboldi in Milan, experienced by the actor with an authentic and not artificial emotionwe immediately understood how no one has ever really been capable of substitute Bisio to conduct the program (including the various spin-offs that have aired in the last decade) and how Bisio, almost ten years after the last appearance, has not experienced the slightest fatigue in returning to the mood Zelig which will remain, therefore, the television context most congenial to him.

Claudio Bisio, among other things, also helped Vanessa Incontrada to redeem themselves from the not particularly exciting experience a Strip the Newsfurther confirming the importance of knowing how to choose partners that are really suitable for an artist and not simply strong names on paper.

Zelig: the first episode

The break that lasted almost five years proved to be decidedly regenerating for almost all the faces that have made the history of Zeligseen tonight: from Maurizio Lastrico to Teresa Manninofrom Forest wizard to Raul Cremonafrom Giuseppe Giacobazzi to the guest Teo Teocoli.

None of these names staged the parody of himself: the pleasure of seeing faces that made, in their own small way, the history of the small screen in the 2000s, therefore, combined with the joy of not having witnessed the plastered performances of stunned comedians.

They also benefited from this favorable climate Anna Maria Barbera And Giovanni Verniacertainly not exciting tonight, but also faces, certainly known, but less known when compared to the aforementioned comedians (Antonio Ornano, Ippolita Baldini and the trio consisting of Federico Basso, Davide Paniate and Alessandro Betti who signed the most hilarious sketch of the evening).

There was some filler but, overall, the comic performances (the number should also be positively underlined not excessive) did not disappoint.

If we stop to reflect, however, about a hypothetical television future from Zeligmade up of new comedians and new faces, unfortunately the Canale 5 comedy show does not offer satisfactory guarantees.

Putting aside the repeated gag on the social media managerwhich despite being taken for granted, in the end it also worked, i young comedians they have not left their mark.

Max Angionein the role of the aspiring talent show singer, he performed three times and if he managed to bring home something, the credit is mainly due to the Bisio “shoulder” version.

Davide Calgaroinstead, it is proof that even the stand up comedynow, once seen as the future, it is letting itself be contaminated by that banality which, in pop comedy, has worn out programs such as Colorado And Made in South.

The Sense of Opiumwith their slapstick comedy, simple and effective.

In short, as long as we talk about past, Zelignot only is it not a simple amarcord operation but it is a show that still has potential (and three episodes also appear few).

If we talk about futureHowever…

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