Zootropolis+: review of the Disney animated series

The beloved characters that made Zootopia iconic return in short but exciting adventures in the 6-episode Disney+ animated series, Zootopia+.

Remember when we first met Judy Hopps and her dream come true of becoming a police officer in 2016? Zootopia he welcomed us into his beating heart, introducing us to all his bizarre and eccentric characters, who we learned to love right away. After 6 years we return to the same city thanks to Zootopia+the animated series of Disney+, thanks to which we are granted a sort of “close-up” on the secondary characters of the amusing world of animals. Each of the six episodes that make up the series is, in fact, designed to coincide with the action and the time period of the film’s events: it is no coincidence that you will find various easter eggs and surprising cameos.

Zootopia+ is a collaboration between Trent Correy, a veteran of Disney animation for more than a decade, and Josie Trinidad, who co-supervised the film’s original story Zootopia and also participated in the making of Ralph rocks the internet in a similar role. A partnership that proves not only to know expertly the original product from which this series originates, but also to know how to play with it, managing to draw from the main narrative line (we mean that of the film) many other small stories, secondary, but still fascinating and funny.

Zootopia+: an entertaining journey through cinematographic genres

Zootopia+ focuses on some of the quirky and original characters introduced in the 2016 film, while also telling all-new stories across a wide range of genres and themes. Each episode of the animated series has its own genre: from action-adventure in the episode starring the family of Judy Hopps to romantic comedy in the episode “Dinner Rush”, from reality show parody in “The Real Rodents of Little Rodentia” to noir with the episode “The Godfather of the Bride” and from the typical challenges of talent shows to musicals, respectively in the episodes “So You Think You Can Prance” and “Duke: The Musical”.

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Episodes of up to nine minutes each which, with promptness and vivacity, manage to give everything viewers need to be catapulted back into the energetic world of mammals in which there is no longer any prey or predators. It is not easy to reflect the cinematographic genres in an animated series made up of a few episodes, among other things of very short duration, yet Trent Correy and Josie Trinidad succeed admirably, transferring their love for the seventh art in an animated creation “daughter” of what has already proven itself a few years ago as a great success of the Firm. We dare you to choose your favorite episode; you will be spoiled for choice and we are convinced that your number 1 will be extremely difficult to elect, if you ever select one.

Zootopia+ retains viewers more, showing the characters from other points of view

Zootropolis+ animated series review Cinematographe.it

Zootopia of 2016 is characterized by many main moments, which mark a turning point in the entire storyline of the film; it is precisely in these moments that it creeps in Zootopia+, showing scenes known from other points of view: for example, when Judy leaves her adorable rabbit hole to move to the bustling urban jungle of Zootopia, would you have ever imagined that her little sister Molly had snuck on the train with Judy and that the Had their parents followed them at lightning speed? If the viewer wanted, he could watch the original film again and, from time to time, stop by integrating the vision of the relative episode of the animated series. You will see that the episode will fit perfectly, as if it were the small missing piece of a puzzle.

Of course in the film we only briefly came into contact with some characters such as Mr. Big, Captain Bogo, the friendly cheetah Benjamin Clawhauser, the smiling sloth Flash and the petty thief Duke Donnolesi (Weaselton), but that little was enough for us to make them iconic and unforgettable in our eyes. The fact that, in the series, the directors wanted to dwell precisely on the stories or events relating to the aforementioned characters, is an indication of a desire to retain the spectators even more and to tie them to the nice mammals that, originally, they were ” obscured” from the main storyline led by protagonists Judy Hopps and Nicholas “Nick” Wilde.

Zootopia+: the funny animated series with a tender heart

Zootropolis+ animated series review Cinematographe.it

However, what continues to make the world of Zootropolis extraordinary is that, through irony and lightness, sensitive and particularly heartfelt issues are addressed, two of which are: the acceptance of the different and the freedom to choose to be who you want to be. , regardless of the surrounding social dynamics and, in this case, the laws of nature. The destiny of each person is not accidental, but is the result of a conscious journey, made up of choices and studded not only with successes, but also with obstacles and failed attempts.

Directing – 4.5

Screenplay – 4.5

Photography – 4

Acting – 4

Sound – 4

Emotion – 4

Zootropolis+: review of the Disney animated series