10 films to watch on Netflix while waiting for the release of Glass Onion

glass onion is the amazing sequel to Dinner with crime, the 2019 film also directed by Rian Johnson, arriving on December 23 only on Netflix. A modern reworking of the traditional whodunit structure, the classic yellow, which has proven to be able to withstand the jolts of time, modern detectives and their psychological investigations. Glass Onion – Knives Out it is irresistible precisely because it is both ancient in structure and ultra-modern in the way it lines up its twists and turns and in its tone, rhythm and abundance of metatextual quotations.

If waiting to see glass onion you want to explore the genre, or those atmospheres, we recommend 10 films to watch on Netflix. We have selected them to give a broad overview of what the genre can do but also to keep you close to eccentric characters like those in the film. You can not start from:

Murder by Death – Knives Out

A must see to enter a perfect and exciting mechanism

The first investigation by Benoit Blanc in a film that to define as ensemble is an understatement. Daniel Craig is joined by Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Shannon, Don Johnson, Toni Collette, Lakeith Stanfield and more! A mystery writer is found dead. There is talk of suicide but something does not add up. All relatives are summoned to shed light on what happened. Pandora’s box will open which contains the evils of a family with intricate knots of interests, malice and secrets. A film that is like being on a roller coaster of the art of deduction and investigation.

Enola Holmes

A must see to enjoy a thriller suitable for the whole family

Enola Holmes is a mystery with a mystery inside. She is cinematographically speaking because few would have bet on the adaptation of the children’s book series written by Nancy Springer. A sort of first approach for a new audience towards a genre that may appear stale to them. An unpretentious film that does what it is asked to. Yet something worked even better than expected so, thanks to the presence of Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill, the film deserved a sequel and a transversal success, becoming a phenomenon that everyone saw a bit. Truly for the whole family.

Sherlock Holmes

Must see to think again: thrillers can be overwhelming like a music video

Sherlock Holmes Glass Onion

On Netflix there is the saga without which Glass Onion – Knives Out it wouldn’t have existed with this look. Indeed, it is thanks to Robert Downey JR’s Sherlock Holmes and Jude Law’s Dr. John Watson that thrillers are promoted and told to the public today as brilliant postmodern adrenaline-pumping entertainment. Guy Ritchie’s direction has rejuvenated the deductive investigation making it a kinetic show in which the bombarding images make one feel like superheroes in detective shoes. Taken off television, mystery has once again become a blockbuster thanks to this extraordinary couple.

The Game

A must see to feel surrounded by a conspiracy. Or is it just a game?

Let’s change the atmosphere and go into the paranoid thriller. In The Game by David Fincher Rich Nicholas Van Orton receives an invitation to an RPG club. Just like the protagonists of glass onion, albeit wrapped up in a much more ominous night steeped in death and conspiracy, the man finds himself in a game for his own life. Someone observes it, everyone plays a part, truth and fiction mix and become indistinguishable. But why is all this happening? It is already a classic and is not to be missed.

Now You See Me – The wizards of crime

A must see to combine spectacular magic and an interlocking plot that keeps you on your toes

Now You See Me

The winning formula of modern mysteries is an ensemble cast and a plot that walks the line between the magical and the unexplainable. Not by chance glass onion is set in a state-of-the-art facility that is futuristic and full of technology and machinery. Now You See Me – Wizards of Crime shares both narrative decisions. It’s a magician’s affair this time, summoned via tarot they form the team of the best illusionists in the world: The Four Horsemen. Justice, crime and perfect plans in this borderless cops and robbers chase.

A small favor

A must see for those who trust their friends too much

Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick in Paul Feig’s thriller. Two friends, a small favor, children to take care of, and a mysterious disappearance to solve. An interlocking film full of twists. There are those who work in the shadows, those who manipulate creating intense plots and conspiracies. Exchanges of identities, pawns moved on a chessboard and a lot of glamor in a film with a particular atmosphere, always poised between tension, comedy and women’s romance.

Baby Drivers

Worth seeing because the atmosphere that Edgar Wright creates is pop like that of Glass Onion

Baby Driver 10 film knives out glass onion

Who loved the tone of Glass Onion – Knives Out he will also enjoy Baby Drivers. Edgar Wright’s very fast film is made up of eccentric characters who think and act at the speed of light. Baby (Ansel Elgort) is a little genius that is difficult to keep up with. He suffers from tinnitus, his superpower is listening to music which allows him to concentrate and drive at breakneck speeds. For this he is hired as a driver for robberies. Also in this case we are recommending a classic genre film (the heist movie) contaminated by a sensibility that almost comes from the future of cinema. Overwhelming.

Ocean’s Eleven

A must see to discover the first great collective film of 2000

The other perspective of the whodunit: the stories of thieves. The Danny Ocean saga is still one of the most relatable collective blockbusters (especially the complicated second chapter) for how it sums up layers of reading and must be seen and revised to be fully understood. Just like glass onion it has a long life because, even after solving the mystery, listening to the story from beginning to end tastes different.

Murder Mystery

A must see to enjoy a light comedy bordering on parody

Very light comedy that follows the theme of mysterious murder and manhunt. A policeman is in Europe with his wife for a vacation that must rekindle their passion. They are indicted for the murder of an elderly billionaire and embark on a fugitive where the only way out safely is to solve the mystery. Between parody, nonsense and nonsense, Murder Mystery it’s the entertainment movie to keep in the background while you do the housework.

Chain of Events

A must see to enjoy a screenplay game made up of causes and consequences

Chain of Events Glass Onion

And now, for something completely different. Those who love interlocking plots in which several stories intertwine with a domino effect of causes and consequences will find bread for their teeth with Chain of Events. The little film based on a radio drama written by Leo McKern, is in the Netflix catalog as a little gem to discover. The mechanism is simple and the effect intriguing. A man doesn’t pay for the bus fare. He thus triggers a chain of events that will lead to a catastrophic ending. An old-time B movie, with morals and karma in action.

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We remind you that Glass Onion – Knives Out will be released on December 23rd.

10 films to watch on Netflix while waiting for the release of Glass Onion – Knives Out