15 Best Kamoulox Phrases

Notice to all fans of the game Kamoulox! If the famous sketches of the duo Kad and Olivier hold no secrets for you, discover our selection of the 15 best sentences pronounced in the parody game Kamoulox.

It exists game shows that mark several generations and that we keep in mind for life, even after they stop. This is the case for example of Kamoulox, you know these sketches with the famous credits music known to all and which has the annoying tendency to stay in the head: “Ka ka mo ka ka mo ka ka mo LOX!”.

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The Kamoulox is a parody game show that was created by two french comedians Kad and Oliver. The Kamouloux, whose name is the contraction of the two authors Kad Merad and Olivier Baroux, is inspired by the sketch “Simple comme bonjour” by the group of French humorists Les Inconnus. First created on the radio in the 1990s, Kamoulox was then offered on the Comédie channel! then on Canal+, always headed by the same duo of friends. Kamoulox presents itself as a parody of game shows already existing and making work the meninges, namely Pyramid.

What is the principle of Kamoulox?

Kamoulox is a board game where two adversaries confront each other in a verbal exchange without head or tail, characterized by the same sentence construction: I do this and I do that. Each sentence thrown by the opponent must be crazier than the previous one. For all the non-fans and novices of these sketches, here are examples: “I finish my Bounty and I rent Clairvoyance and Manigance”, “I eat my underpants and I roll in Safrane” or even “I brush Christian Clavier with oil solar, and I count to one hundred”. As you can see, these sentences really don’t make any sense!

To spice things up a bit, a “referee” named John-Bob (the voice-over) adds new rules with sentences that are each more incomprehensible than the next: advancing pawns, regulating the turn to speak, assigning jokers, giving points, etc. Here are some examples of its wacky rules : “And no ! Rabbit suppository, you can’t.”, “Are you trying the tiramisu?” or “Well done, entrance troubadour.” The Kamoulox game ends when one of the two players hesitates on his new sentence. We are talking about a hesitation of a few seconds which will be noticed by the other player. His opponent then shouts “Kamoulox” and wins the game. The person who says “Kamoulox” is then considered the new finalist.

© Kamoulox – YouTube screenshot

Videos of Kamoulox to be found on YouTube

When it was broadcast, the Kamoulox game immediately found its fans. Even if this parody has been over for several years now, we often see videos of Kamoulox appearing on television bloopers. But that’s not all. You can also find lots of videos on youtubemuch to the delight of fans.

If you plan to let yourself be tempted by a little streaming of Kamoulox videos, know that each video is about 2 minutes long. Something to continue to delight fans of the famous French duo Kad and Olivier. Both have now turned to the cinema and have no plans to resume their respective roles in Kamoulox.

Kamoulox, a verbal game to reproduce at home

If the Kamoulox is a real mix of improvisation, creativity and originality, we realize that anyone can practice this verbal game at home, with friends. A good idea for board games to spend a wild evening with your friends. It’s up to you to find the craziest verbal combinations to make your whole team laugh. Good atmosphere guaranteed!

Moreover, it sometimes happens that we hear people say the interjection “Kamoulox!” when totally surreal and incomprehensible sentences are spoken. We just have to listen in the street, in the shops, etc.

The top 15 best Kamoulox phrases

To make you discover or rediscover Kamoulox, we have concocted a selection of the best Kamoulox phrases. The choice was hard but it will give you a glimpse or the desire to watch Kamoulox’s videos on YouTube again. Let’s start our 100% humor selection without further delay!

The best phrases in the presentation of the participating players, spoken by John-Bob:

– “Are you married? No, I drive with gloves.”

– “Do you have a hobby? No, no children, no dwarfs.”

– “Are you married? No, I’m putting perfume on Johnny.”

– “Passion, hobby? No, Philippe and Nicole.”

– “Are you married? No, I have a welcome doormat.”

© Kamoulox – YouTube screenshot

The best sentences in the games of the Kamoulox game pronounced by Kad Merad and Olivier Baroux:

– “I smear an Englishman and I look like Philippe Bouvard.”

– “I disguise a leek and I marry Philippe Lavil.”

– “I caress a firefighter and I stink of sweater.”

– “I spit on the lama and I rape a Corsican firefighter.”

– “I dismantle a hen and send a fax to Noël Mamère.”

– “I photocopy sand and buy a hotel.”

– “I cajole Mariam and I throw Granny in the nettles in the Moldavian octopus case.”

– “I jump on Olivier Minne and I breathe shoe polish.”

– “I drink couscous and I clean a peasant.”

– “I contradict Winnie the Pooh and I dress Jean-Luc Reichmann.”

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15 Best Kamoulox Phrases