«45 ° Nord Entertainment Center», not just shopping: summer between educational workshops and theater

Even in the heart of the city and in a shopping center you can learn small agricultural activities, through educational workshops dedicated to children, and find moments of culture and entertainment, with theatrical proposals.

“45 ° Nord Entertainment Center”,

The 45 ° Nord Entertainment Center in Moncalieri, which promises a sparkling summer, makes the way of understanding the shopping center different as we are used to seeing it.
After the inaugural event of the season, last 11 June with the Show cooking and Dj set by Federico Chimirri, semifinalist of Masterchef 11 and professional Dj, and the workshop with the spices used as a dye for painting, the following appointments are for the week of 25/26 June, with “Small seedlings grow”, a training meeting to teach children to create a small vegetable garden or garden, starting from the seed.

Summer between educational workshops and theater

Speaking of culture, the 45th NORTH of Moncalieri together with the Teatro della Caduta opens to a series of entertainment and show events, theater, music and street art in the open with artists from all over Italy. Until July 16, in the outdoor area of ​​via Postiglione 1, every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, the public will be able to attend the performances of the open-air theater review, with a program suitable for all ages that includes numerous creations of contemporary theater. Selected companies from all over Italy will alternate on stage with new artists eager to meet a wider audience after the long period of suspension from the pandemic. The shows, all with free admission, will take place on Thursdays and Saturdays at 9.30pm and Sundays at 6.30pm.
This is the calendar in detail: June 23, 9.30 pm – “I leave you because I ran out of oxytocin” by and with Giulia Pont, a fun, moving and cathartic game about the end of a love; 25 June, 9.30 pm – «Mr Bang Sensation» by Benjamin Delmas, clowning, acrobatic, blues theater in an evening with a strong and spicy flavor; June 26, 6.30 pm – «Deluxe junk – high quality cialtronerie» by and with Alessandro Galletti and Francesco Garuti of Circo Pacco, a parody of the world of circus and physical theater; June 30, 9.30 pm – «Eva diary of a rib» by Rita Pelusio, a woman struggling with the classic image of the blonde and beautiful figure. To laugh!
In July: 2 July, 9.30 pm – «De Niù Sciò» by Appiccicaticci, all entirely improvised … set to music, sung, played; 3 July, 6.30 pm – “The trick is there … but I don’t believe it!” by and with Mago Budinì (Piero Osella), a series of hilarious gags, magic and fantastic situations; 7 July, 9.30 pm – «Comedy Trio» with Chiara Becchimanzi, Francesco Giorda and Stefano Gorno, three irreverent, funny, out of line stand up comedy monologues; 9 July, 9.30 pm – «La supercasalinga» by and with Roberta Paolini, comic show, parody of a heroine in an apron; 10 July, 6.30 pm – «Magical PerfoRMANCE, completely out of the ordinary» by Skizzo (Davide Nicolosi), a magic show suitable for adults and children; July 14, 9.30 pm – «U.mani.tà» by and with Jacopo Tealdi, completely hand-made cabaret show; July 16, 9.30 pm – «LGBK (latin gipsy balkan klezmer)» by Bandaradan, Balkan and world music.
The 45th NORD Entertainment Center takes its name from its proximity to the 45th parallel of north latitude, which marks a point equidistant between the North Pole and the Equator: exactly 5000 kilometers from both points. They explain from the Management: “An important crossroads also for the many activities that over the years have seen it as a protagonist, establishing itself as a real point of interest, much more than a Shopping Center, but rather a real culture incubator, capable of planning and carrying out cultural events of a heterogeneous level and aimed at all groups of users ».
From Sport to Street Art, from Theater to Circus, from Musical to Pop, from Historic Car Meetings to Tuning and Bungee Jumping, from territorial promotion to the enhancement of local associations.

Environmental sustainability campaign

The shopping center has also joined an environmental sustainability campaign, with awareness-raising messages for smokers, to minimize the impact of carelessly thrown butts. Starting from July 2019, with a resolution of the National Register of Environmental Managers, cigarette butts have been recognized as a real waste. The data show 850 thousand tons of butts abandoned a year, over 200 toxic substances contained in the filters of which at least 70 are carcinogenic, 40% of the waste in the Mediterranean which are cigarette butts and two years of time taken by the filter to degrade in nature. The butts thrown into the bins of the Center are then transferred to a processing plant, to be purified and transformed into a plastic polymer, usable in various sectors, in the production of everyday objects.
Genny Notarianni

«45 ° Nord Entertainment Center», not just shopping: summer between educational workshops and theater – Prima Chivasso