5 personalities imitated at “Bye bye 2022” who reacted to their parody

the Bye-bye 2022 continued two great traditions: making the world laugh on the evening of December 31, then making the world talk the week after.

While Quebecers argue over whether it was really funny, really okay, or really the worst Bye of the history of Byesome imitated personalities reacted.

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Here’s what some of the parodied people said:

1. Stephane Rousseau

The comedian and actor congratulated “star of the game” Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmarais (and the whole team!) for his successful imitation of his role in STAT. “Excellent Bye-bye!”

2. The girl from UQÀM Hélène Boudreau

Hélène Boudreau, who has never hidden from her misadventure with jelly bears, shared with pleasure the sketch of the Bye in which she was mentioned by a fake Céline Galipeau.

The daughter of UQÀM also earned a mention in the last seconds of the review ofInfomanwhile Michel Charette reminded us of the history of Gummy Bears.

The sex worker agreed with the statement: well done nurses!

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3. Eric Duhaime

The Conservative leader was shocked at the jokes about him during the Bye. “It looks like me yes! But I didn’t like it when they talked about my unpaid taxes!” he said, if the bag of crisps can afford a summary.

The politician, perhaps shaken by the comments of the public, then turned to all the platforms that exist to ask his subscribers if the imitation of Patrick Huard was successful.

Here is the question on Facebook:

Then on Instagram:

Then on Twitter:

Here is a new voting platform:


Do you find that the imitation resembles Eric Duhaime?

Well yes we recognize it right away

No I don’t see the resemblance

4. Francois Legault

Well, the PM did not react specifically to his imitation at the Byehe instead chose to “play it safe” by talking about “all the end-of-year reviews” and sharing a photo of his participation in the review ofInfoman.

But “congratulations to all!” all the same. Humor is important.

5. Sunwing vaper Vanessa Cosi

The one who made herself known in the flight of the Ostrogoths at the beginning of the year obviously saw the Bye bye on the evening of the 31st. The airline pilot whose license was suspended for a few days in 2022 shared a video, on Instagram, in which we can see her watching the review of the year.

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Of course, she vapes.

Bonus: Full their eyes, the Quebec family on the run around the world

The family of 6 was not imitated, but rather appeared in the final montage of Quebecers wishing the population a happy new year. Edith, the mother of the family, took to social media to thank the team at the Bye to have thought of them.

If you don’t follow their journey is here.

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5 personalities imitated at “Bye bye 2022” who reacted to their parody