5 reasons why Zoolander is a perfect comedy and a timeless cult [LISTA]

zoolander, derek, hansel

Zoolanders is a parody of the fashion world and a must for lovers of the genre. Directed by and starring Ben Stiller. The 2001 film directed by and starring Ben Stiller has now become a real cinematographic cult. Even though more than 20 years have passed since its release, this over the top comedy still manages to be talked about. Lately TikTok has been flooded with memes about the film, thus bringing the phenomenon back to light Zoolander.

Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller) is a famous and sought after super model from New York, 3 times winner of the Best Model of the Year award. But when the title is stolen from him by his rival Hansel (Owen Wilson), loses all his self-esteem and decides to retire from the scene. He moves from his family to New Jersey to work in the coal mine with his father and brothers.

His father rejects him, he is ashamed of him because of his modeling profession which in the eyes of all makes him seem unmanly. Derek returns to Manhattan and falls for the designer’s plan Mugatu (Will Ferrell), in charge of assassinating the newly elected Malaysian prime minister, guilty of wanting to eliminate child labor in his country.

But what are the reasons that make this film a cult? We list 5 reasons why Zoolanders it is a timeless cul.


Zoolander, mugatu, will ferrell

Zoolanders it is first of all one satire on the world of fashion and beyond. Derek’s character becomes a symbol of a society that wants to appear, where aesthetics is an obsession and the image counts more than the content. Nothing is taken for granted in the film.

There Blue Steel and the magnums, the amusing and lethal moves that his character shows off, represent the plasticity and inexpressiveness that characterizes the models. In the film there is also the rivalry between stars, often born on paper to publicize their figure more and more, as well as the exploitation of charity and the complaint against the exploitation of child labor by the fashion world.

A film that hides much more than it strikes at first glance…

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson

zoolander, derek, hansel, ben stiller, owen wilson

Although to date there are many more films that saw them act together, at the time of Zoolanders they had collaborated are for The pain in the ass (1996), Hard Night (1998) and I present mine (2000). The film has therefore contributed to consecrate the Stiller/Wilson duo who, thanks to his complicity, made the dualism between Derek and Hansel memorable.

Zoolanders therefore imposes itself as a fundamental film for the birth and consolidation of the so-called Fratpackgroup of actors including, among others, also Will Ferrell, Jack Black, Vince Vaughn and which spawned some of the most successful American comedies of the past two decades.

Ben Stiller director

zoolander, benstiller, derek

Not only comedian actor but also movie director. Ben Stiller he had already proved he could direct good comedies like Young, cute and unemployed And The pain in the assfilm that as also Zoolanders they focus on a profound reflection of how man loses his personality in today’s society.

Zoolanders perhaps, however, it represents a definitive consecration that led him to get by very well in other genres as well. In Tropic Thunder for example, Ben Stiller showed everyone his skills in action cinema.

Over time, the author was also able to abandon comedy and feature films to take the path of seriality, directing the dramatic Escape at Dannemora and the thriller Splitwhich earned this year’s Critics’ Choice Awards and Golden Globe nominations for Best Drama Series.

The cameos

zoolander, derek, hansel, david bowie

Long is the list of cameos that we find in the film. From Natalie Portman to Winona Ryderfrom Tom Ford to Donatella Versacefrom Lenny Kravitz to Gwen Stefani it’s still Alexander Skarsgard, Vince Vaughn, Victoria Beckham, Paris Hilton, James Marsden, Billy Zane, Heidi Klum.

Not only actors and exponents of the music world, but also those of the fashion world have lent their faces. But between both are the cameos that remain most impressed in the mind. That of David Bowiejudge of the catwalk challenge between Hansel and Derek, and that of Donald Trumpwho a few years later, will become the president of the United States.

Zoolanders is a true sampling of the pop culture of the time and its protagonists: a trip down memory lane for those who grew up in the 90s!

The quotes

zoolander 5

As often happens in productions of this kind, too Zoolanders is a film full of cinematic and pop culture quotations of those years.

Among the many, we cannot mention one of the funniest scenes, which calls into question the master Stanley Kubrick. In fact, in the final stages of the film we find an exhilarating sequence in which Derek and Hansel find themselves doing computer math.

Faced with the limited success of the enterprise, the two let themselves go into a real rebellion against the medium, which in its movements and music pays homage to one of the most famous scenes of 2001: A Space Odyssey.

By Francesca Lombardo

5 reasons why Zoolander is a perfect comedy and a timeless cult [LISTA]